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A sexy historical paranormal.
Includes MMF ménage.

Christmas is a time of miracles...

It's been six months since Sir Rousel was killed in battle, leaving behind his betrothed, the heartsick Lady Branwyn, and his grieving shieldmate, Sir Owain, who was also his secret bedmate. For Branwyn and Owain, Christmas in Camelot means painful memories, shattered dreams, and a fateful decision at Chancery Leap.

Damian is a stag shifter, a forest prince who's just discovered he's the last of his kind. With a life of unimagined loneliness ahead of him, one of the fae of Avalon grants him a precious gift: If he can find a true mate before Twelfth Night, he can remain a man forever. Otherwise, he'll live as a stag—blessed without memories or sorrow, but also cursed without purpose or hope.

For the three of them to find salvation, it will take the ultimate in courage, forgiveness and trust. And to find it together? That will take a Christmas miracle. 


A sexy historical fantasy.
Includes M/F and MFM.

In the time of King Arthur, the greed of men as they spread across the British Isles is driving out the magic of the fae. Brinn is one of the fair folk, betrothed to the son of Herne, Leader of The Wild Hunt. By night, in her Gabriel Hound form, Brinn runs with her pack, wreaking justice on those who desecrate the land.

Alain and Pellinore, under orders from their father, King Pellam, attempt to negotiate a peace among the march lords stalking the borderlands of Listeneise. When they unwittingly thrall an injured Brinn, she knows only one thing can free her: the blood of her captors.

But freedom may not be so easily won as the three of them form a grudging bond that soon turns intimate. Love should be easy, but The Wild Hunt wants Brinn back, the Questing Beast wants Pel, and Alain wants the impossible—to keep them both at his side.


A sexy historical fantasy.
Includes M/F, M/M and MMF.

As if Yseult's life weren't complicated enough...

The mysterious harper with the sculpted body of a god that she heals of a poisoned wound is actually a nephew of King Mark of Cornwall. He's the renowned knight, Tristan, and he harbors a dark and deadly secret.

When Yseult's father gives her to the aging King Mark in a marriage of convenience, a love spell meant to ease her heart goes awry, bonding her and Tristan instead.

Meanwhile, one of the fae -- a shifter who runs with The Wild Hunt -- has been cursed to live as a man until he can capture the heart of a human queen. Falling helplessly in love with Yseult, he becomes Tristan's greatest friend -- and greatest rival.

Caught between the despair of the king she's married to, the knight who's sworn to her, and the fae who will have her at any cost, is Yseult destined to lose no matter which man wins?


A sexy historical fantasy.
Includes M/F, M/M and MMF.

When Lady Lynette's half-sister is kidnapped by the Knight of the Red Lands—the powerful son of a despot slain by their father—Lyn knows more than her beautiful sister's innocence is at risk. The scheming fae Nimue has aligned herself with the vengeful knight, and to rescue her sister, Lyn must find a champion who can best all the traps the treacherous Nimue has set.

At King Arthur's court, Lyn, half-fae herself, finds an unlikely champion in a kitchen scullion mockingly called Beaumains. The seer Merlin, however, vouches for the quiet Beau, just as he does for the damaged Sir Marrok, recently fallen under a werewolf's curse and struggling to control the beast vying for dominance within.

With the two outcasts by her side, Lyn takes on the desperate quest to free her sister. As the challenges mount, the three of them turn to one another for strength, finding comfort in their sensuous embraces. Together, if they can discover the terrible secret that gives the Knight of the Red Lands his power, they might have a chance to defeat him and, in the process, rescue not only Lyn's sister but each other.

(Books 1-3)

Historical paranormal bundle based in Arthurian legend -- spiced with passion, ménage and a dash of the paranormal.Here you'll find the fae, Avalon, hound- and wolf-shifters, damsels in distress, damaged hearts, and sexy, chivalrous knights who truly know how to use their swords.

These 3 full-length, standalone novels include M/F, M/M, MFM and MMF. Recommended for readers 17+.



Elsbeth of Olmsbury desires nothing beyond helping her father run his dukedom – until the duke’s forces are overwhelmed, his castle torched and Elsbeth seized for the invading king’s personal spoil. Expecting the same abuse as the other surviving women of her house, Elsbeth instead finds the king, Leodegrance, treating her with a civility that belies his flagrant desire for her. A desire that will have her his consort in Cameliard once he can convince her rank and duty alone forced his hand against her father.

But Elsbeth is not so easily won. There is the matter of Leodegrance gifting his steward with an unwilling young handmaid from Elsbeth’s household. Of his marriage of convenience to his Byzantine queen. And of his plans to subjugate more of Britain’s citadels and unite the wild isle under Roman rule.

If Elsbeth can’t find her tangled way to forgiveness with the king – or escape the dark designs and perverse desires of Uther Pendragon, enemy to them both – then a legend of Camelot may never be conceived, never be born, and never change history forever ...

Previously published under the title SPOIL OF WAR.