Friday, November 18, 2016

TRUSTED HEARTS Released, Plus a Surprise Christmas Novella

 Book 4 in the WILD HEARTS ROMANCE series is now available. TRUSTED HEARTS is a Cinderella/billionaire story...with GIRAFFES. It's not all fairy tale, though, as there are some tears, so be prepared. As always, however, there's an HEA waiting at the end.

And with Christmas just around the corner, what better way to relax from the holiday bustle than with a feel-good novella? The heat level is dialed down low in HOLIDAY HEARTS, making it an easy story to take on the road for a quick, romantic read. It takes place on Mount Kenya, but see if you can spot all the nods to a traditional holiday Easter egged inside.

Oh, and as for the novella being a surprise? I think I was more surprised about having it ready for the Christmas season than anyone! 

And finally, be looking soon for the novella to be bundled up with Books 1 and 2 in a discounted box set for the holidays. It'll be titled WILD HEARTS.


Kim Nichols trusted the wrong man to give her heart to. Now she's in South Africa on a two-month sabbatical to forget the ex who cheated on her. But deplorable conditions at a local zoo—and the plight of one giraffe in particular—spur her to track down the owner and advocate for the animals.

Billionaire Brent Sher has invested in several animal-related businesses, including a zoo and a safari lodge, whose day-to-day runnings are managed by Jabu Amahle, his trusted right-hand man. Vexed by the accusations made by one very outraged teacher from the States, Brent invites the strong-minded beauty to assist him in a hands-on undercover investigation.

A growing trail of company abuses points to widespread corruption by Jabu. As Kim and Brent gather evidence and the net tightens, a desperate Jabu resorts to a chilling act that puts Kim's giraffe, the zoo, and the couple themselves in imminent danger.

To survive, Kim and Brent must not only work together but put aside past betrayals, open their hearts, and learn to trust again.


Twelve years ago, mountain climbers Sharon Conner and Maxime Rousseau had a fling on the slopes of Kilimanjaro. Since then, no other partners have quite measured up.

Now, two climb teams, led by guides in a friendly race to summit Mount Kenya by Christmas Day, stumble across a bongo caught in a poacher’s trap. Only two climbers are willing to stop and help the large, striped African antelope – Sharon and Max, meeting again for the first time since Kilimanjaro.

As old feelings rekindle, more than just their Christmas spirit is tested on the mountain. With a violent storm rushing in on Christmas Eve and no help to be had from officials or wildlife agencies short-staffed by the season, Sharon and Max soon realize it’s up to them alone to save the injured, tall-horned bull they name Noel.

But can they pull off one more Christmas miracle — and rescue each other too?