Friday, August 12, 2016

Book 3 in the WILD HEARTS ROMANCES series is available now

NOBLE HEARTS, Book 3, is all about nurturing and protecting. It's a story to appeal to the Mother in all of us. Plus a young okapi (see the trio of okapis on the cover if you don't know what one looks like), a baby rhino and a toddler mountain gorilla to tug your heartstrings.

Book 4, TRUSTED HEARTS, is now available for pre-order, with a release date scheduled for early October. Catch a preview of the cover and blurb below. Plus, giraffe! 


Kayla has always been a sucker for strays—baby gorillas, okapis, even rhinos—so when an American doctor shows up wounded at her door, with a story of being pressed into service as medic to a local militia unit, Mark LeSabre is just another stray to be taken in and taken care of.

Then Ushindi's controversial election tips the tiny nation into civil war, and Kayla's beloved ancestral coffee plantation becomes a casualty of the escalating conflict. Forced to flee, Kayla's determined not to leave any of her workers—or her strays—behind, including Mark, who's found his way into her heart...and her bed.

But a rich American doctor is too valuable a prize to let escape. Thwarted at every border access, with the militia hot on their tail, Kayla and Mark's only option for freedom is to brave a treacherous jungle route across the Mountains of the Moon. Alone, they might make it to Uganda and safety, but their ragtag group of strays will surely perish if they're abandoned.

How far will Mark and Kayla risk their lives—and their hearts—in the service of love?


Kim Nichols trusted the wrong man to give her heart to. Now she's in South Africa on a 3-month sabbatical to forget the ex who cheated on her. But deplorable conditions at a local zoo—and the plight of one giraffe in particular—spur her to track down the owner and advocate for the animals.

Billionaire Brent Sher has invested in several animal-related businesses, including a zoo and a safari lodge, whose day-to-day runnings are managed by Jabu Amahle, his trusted right-hand man. Vexed by the accusations made by one very outraged teacher from the States, Brent invites the strong-minded beauty to assist him in a hands-on undercover investigation.

A growing trail of company abuses points to widespread corruption by Jabu. As Kim and Brent gather evidence and the net tightens, a desperate Jabu resorts to a chilling act that puts Kim's giraffe, the zoo, and the couple themselves in imminent danger.

To survive, Kim and Brent must not only work together but put aside past betrayals, open their hearts, and learn to trust again.

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