Thursday, April 7, 2016

New Releases! Contemporary Romances to Fall in Love With

Book 2 in the Wild Hearts Romance series, PROUD HEARTS, is out now! It's in Kindle Unlimited, so those of you with KU subscriptions can read it for free.

Book 1, BRAVE HEARTS, is also in Kindle Unlimited, but for a limited time, you can also pick it up, along with 6 other contemporary romances, for just 99¢ in the HEARTS ON FIRE box set. 



The Wild Hearts novels are steamy-ish contemporaries, each a stand-alone, that can be read in any order. African settings, suspense and a strong focus on animals links them. Be ready for some heartaches and tears, but I promise HEAs in the end!


With the grant money needed to continue her video journalism work with a pride of Zambian lions fast running out, Deidre (Dee) Young reluctantly signs a contract to help create a "Living With Lions" episode for the popular "Living With..." reality TV show.

Star and Hollywood idol Chris Corsair is just as arrogant and self-absorbed as Dee feared he would be. That is, until an accident forces Dee and Chris to rescue one of the pride's cubs, and Chris  proves to be more than just a pretty face with a rock-hard body play-acting the hero.

But even as Chris and Dee burn up the hot nights with their new-found passion, a hunter arrives on scene determined to stop at nothing—even murder in the isolated African bush—to take home the head of Brutus, the alpha lion of Dee's beloved pride.

To save Brutus and themselves, they'll have to trust to their lions, each other, and the strength of a love that threatens to tame them all.

Find PROUD HEARTS on Amazon. Also in Kindle Unlimited.



Escape to exotic settings with these sizzling heroes and strong, admirable women. From sweeping deserts to secluded islands, from the African savanna to snow-covered peaks—the passion burns hot in these seven full-length contemporary romance novels from New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors. An alpha rock star with a dominant streak… a special-ops veteran turned wildlife ranger… a cowboy with a tragic past… and a BBW who will make you stand up and cheer.
    Rescued by the Sheikh – Jennifer Lewis
    Brave Hearts – Phoenix Sullivan
    Rock the Boat – Lib Starling
    All that Glitters – Lily Zante
    The Cowboy Way – Anna Alexander
    Fat – Sara Wylde
    Craving for Love – Violet Vaughn

Find HEARTS ON FIRE on Amazon. Also in Kindle Unlimited



(Book 3, Wild Hearts Romance Series)

Kayla has always been a sucker for strays—baby gorillas, okapis, even rhinos—so when an American doctor shows up wounded at her door, with a story of being pressed into service as medic to a local militia unit, Mark LeSabre is just another stray to be taken in and taken care of.

Then Ushindi's controversial election tips the tiny nation into civil war, and Kayla's beloved ancestral coffee plantation becomes a casualty of the escalating conflict. Forced to flee, Kayla's determined not to leave any of her workers—or her strays—behind, including Mark, who's found his way into her heart...and her bed.

But a rich American doctor is too valuable a prize to let escape. Thwarted at every border access, with the militia hot on their tail, Kayla and Mark's only option for freedom is to brave a treacherous jungle route across the Mountains of the Moon. Alone, they might make it to Uganda and safety, but their ragtag group of strays will surely perish if they're abandoned.

How far will Mark and Kayla risk their lives—and their hearts—in the service of love?