Friday, May 18, 2012

Sales Comparison Of 4-Day Post-Free Results

I did a quick comparison of Day 4 post-free sales for each Steel Magnolia Press book that has been on at least 2 free runs and charted in the Top 250 Free. The following is the result. (Feb 1 and Feb 2 designate 2 separate runs 3 weeks apart.)

I'm still analyzing, but one thing from these results alone -- meaning we can't really make any firm, across-the-board claims from this data set -- seems clear. For our SMP books, we now need to see at least 3000 free downloads during a given run to have much of a post-free impact on sales.

Tomorrow we'll look at the 1-week post-free numbers and wrap this all up on Sunday. Then we'll wait for the next set of algorithm changes to come along :o).

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