Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 2.5-ish Post-Free Results

So, has the free ride in KDP Select run its course in terms of post-free sales? Well, let's just say it's walking and no longer sprinting toward the finish line.

First, a chart of the results of the 10 Steel Magnolia Press books that went free last Thursday and half of Friday. Then we'll look at how this run, which we'll call Bronze (post-May 1), is comparing to runs made in the Golden (pre-Mid-March) and Silver (Mid-Mar - Apr 30) Ages of Select.

(Click on the chart to open it up in a larger size.)

The popularity lists for the Kindle categories have all updated at least once, and so far it's quite clear that our books are not reaping as much visibility reward now as they have for past free runs that resulted in similar successes. Either the Books categories have not yet updated or else they are weighting Kindle book sales much less than print book sales. For example, while SECTOR C is #9 on the Medical Thriller bestseller list, it's not even in the Top 300 of the Books category (note there isn't an equivalent Medical Thriller Kindle category at all).

Two of my books are lucky enough to have high visibility in some categories that are less-competitive than Romance. Since they can rank high on the bestseller lists across multiple categories, they have the opportunity to rank high across those same categories on the popularity lists as well. Just look at how many opportunities Vet Tech Tales has to get eyes-on!

Luckily, we have similar points of reference for many of these books, so we can compare very like circumstances across all three Ages of Select. 

Today I'll simply chart the data here, then tomorrow we'll take a break from looking at new numbers and see what, if anything, we can deduce from the data so far. Some of the trending is, of course, pretty clear :o). What trends can you spot? In addition, we'll look across the data and try to determine not only how post-free sales are being affected but what we can tell about the numbers of freebies being given away as well. For instance, are the numbers of copies being downloaded dropping?

On Wednesday, we'll include the sales totals through the first 4 days post-free, and finish up with data tracking on Saturday. Finally, on Sunday, we'll look back over all the data and make some educated guesses about where Select has been, where it is now, and where it will take us in the near future before any additional changes are made to the algorithms.

The following charts contain data for free runs across 7 of the Steel Magnolia Press titles. While Warlock's Daughter and Out of the Dark both made it into the Top 50 Free last week, they were only put into Select right before this promotion so they have no other data to compare to.

The sales totals are cumulative from Day 1 through 1 Week. We'll need to wait to fill in data for Day 4 and Week 1 on all the Bronze columns.

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