Monday, April 23, 2012

1000+ Queries, 2 Million+ Hits, 6 Satisfying Years

Just. Wow. With the stamina he's shown over the last 6 years, I'm convinced Evil Editor must respond to every Viagra/Cialis ad that hits his spam folder.

Today is his 6th BlogEEversary. I've been around for 5 of them, stalking, lurking, commenting, learning. Yearning. I never did get my agent or my publishing deal despite 300 queries across 3 books. I've made peace with that because, lucky for me, the industry has changed. And, more importantly, I've changed with it. But I would never have had the insight or the courage to take the next step had it not been for my obsession involvement in EE's community.

Because what EE has isn't simply a blogsite. It is a community. Family. There are those who've hung out at his place since the beginning and others, like me, who've passed the torch and only show up now at family reunions.

Still, EE's site remains the #1 feed in my Google Reader. I don't visit as often, but when I do I go with the purpose of visiting old friends and new, knowing I'll be welcome whenever I decide to drop in. And I continue to drop in because the place is filled with laughter and the spirit of all that makes us human.

That's because EE's site isn't just home to 1000+ queries and 900+ new beginnings; it's home to thousands upon thousands of dreams, to heartache and disappointment, and, best of all, to giddy success stories.

Today, I salute the thousands who've left a piece of their soul on EE's blog.

I salute the many minions who've endured EE's tough love as well as those steadfast devotees who've helped along their fellow minions by giving freely of their time and talents.

I salute the handful of minions who've remained comrades-in-arms and fast virtual friends beyond EE's nurturing hand.

And I salute the man who after 6 years continues to make a difference in the many lives he's touched (most of them in a legal way). I salute his unwavering brand along with the institution he's become. I salute his unnatural endurance.

Most of all, I salute a mentor and a friend.

Salud, EE.

And thank you.


Evil Editor said...

No, thank you. For your kind words and your many contributions. And of course congratulations for getting published in Novel Deviations 2 and 3, and Evil Editor Teaches School.

Phoenix Sullivan said...

Without those publishing credits, I would not be where I am today, EE: agentless and traditionally unpublished. I owe all of that to YOU.


Chelsea Pitcher said...

Totally agree. My queries/openings needed soooo much help when I started coming to his site. He's got a special kind of magic, doesn't he?

Evil magic. But magic nonetheless ;)


And to Phoenix as well, of course!!!

Michelle 4 Laughs said...

I found Phoenix through EE.

EE is a great place for query help. Or to let your imagination roam wild while you create a plot to go with a title. Hehe!

stacy said...

Great tribute, Phoenix. I also owe my writing "career" to EE.

Whirlochre said...

I can barely see to type, I'm sobbing so much.

How are we all gonna cope when he hits 60?

Wilkins MacQueen said...

I tried to post congrats on his site, unable to. Cyber glitch.

I've learned so much from there and here. Lucky day when I stumbled into the Evil site and followed Phoenix on her path(s).