Friday, February 17, 2012

Extinct Author's New Book Free Through The Weekend

Well, OK, the author isn't extinct -- yet. Peter Dudley, whose "Distractions" is in the Extinct Doesn't Mean Forever anthology, has a new book out. SEMPER is a YA Dystopian, available as an ebook or in print through Amazon. Normally $2.99, it's FREE through Sunday. Coincidentally (after, you know, a couple of emails back and forth), the stand-alone version of "Distractions" will also be FREE on Sunday.

SEMPER: FREE Friday through Sunday (Feb 17-19)

Dane’s sixteenth birthday holds a choice he didn’t expect to face: Should he take his place as Semper, obeying his cruel uncle and twelve generations of Southshaw Truth, or should he follow his heart and risk exile and death to unearth the real truth? An exotic huntress, a mythical ghost-man, and a tailor’s daughter hold the keys to his answer. And to the survival of Southshaw itself.

"Distractions": FREE Sunday (Feb 19) only

George thought Stinson’s window office would surely be his after making a momentous discovery while on holiday. When the distractions get too much, however, his wife cooks up a surprise to remind him that love is always worth sacrificing for.

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Sarah Laurenson said...

What timing. Haven't been on blogs for awhile and now I get to read Pete's work for free? How wonderful!