Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Window Shopping

SECTOR C is on the landing page of the Kindle ebook store today! How cool is that? No clue as to how long it may remain. It proved itself yesterday to get that placement today; now it has to prove itself today to keep it. The live shot is here. Amazon bounces the order around some to keep things interesting.

It started the day with a rank of #278 in the overall store, based on its 308 sales plus 67 borrows on Monday. I don't know what it needs to keep on the front page (which may be a manual placement by the Amazon "editor") or to keep its current ranks. I'm pretty new to sales at this velocity and have nothing to compare to, although I am getting some advice from a couple of other authors who have books that are laterally or better ranked than mine.

To be honest, I'm more nervous about today's sales than yesterday's. Yesterday, anything was better than where SECTOR C had already been. Today, it has expectations to do at least as well, if not better, than yesterday. It's already slipped rank from #278 to #294, and sales feel slower today. Although if I compare the first 8 hours of today to the first 8 hours of yesterday, the book has had only 1 less sale, and that was over the last hour. This upcoming hour yesterday had even fewer sales. Is that normal? Was yesterday a slow sales day? Is today? WILL THEY PULL THE BOOK OFF THE FRONT PAGE IF IT DOESN'T MEET A CERTAIN UNKNOWN QUOTA?

The butterflies are multiplying.

Now, I know that many books coming off a free ride rocket up then fizzle fast. I expect that. I also know what an incredible opportunity this is -- one that is handed to only a small percentage of authors. I'm grateful for whatever time this book has. And I'm even more grateful to the 600+ readers who have taken a chance on SECTOR C this month outside of its free run. I haven't lost sight of who I owe any amount of success to.

Here's where it's starting from now. Feel free to follow along.

#294 Overall

#2 Medical Thrillers - All Books
#59 Thrillers - All Books
#3 Medical  Fiction - All Books
#42 Genre Fiction - All Books
#1 Hi-Tech SF - Kindle Store
#5 Science Fiction - Kindle Store
#1 Hi-Tech SF - All Books
#8 Science Fiction - All Books
#21 SF and Fantasy Combined - All Books


Kay said...

You are doing great! I'm so happy for you. Now breathe. Really. Take a deep breath and let it out. Congratulations. You deserve this.

Sylvia said...

How interesting! That landing page doesn't exist for me. Maybe because I'm coming in from abroad but now I feel I'm missing out!

I'm holding my breath in anticipation, hoping you stay on it! That frees you up to breathe like Kay says :)