Monday, January 23, 2012

Score Another Launch!

The reward for hanging out with talented neophyte writers is that said writers tend to finally publish and lose all that neophytedness.

I first "met" Peter Dudley over at Evil Editor's place more years ago than I care to recall. When he submitted "Distractions" to the Extinct anthology, I was delighted to include the short story, not because I had ties with Peter (there are some lovely, lovely writer-folk who I also know whose work I didn't accept) but because the story was witty, fun and well-written. Even if it was a story I had to bend the theme a bit to accommodate.

Now, Peter has released Semper, a YA dystopian novel that I'm super eager to read. Judging from the Acknowledgements page, this should be a truly fantastic book :o).

You could wait for the book to go free next month on Amazon for a short window of time, or you could pick up a copy now for just $2.99. A print version will also be available soon.

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Jo-Ann said...

I really enjoyed Peter's story in Extinct. Well done Peter for this new story.