Monday, January 9, 2012

Gypsy Bond - Debut Novella

Update: During its free run, SECTOR C topped out at #25 in the Amazon free store. It was #16 in overall Fiction and #1 in Science Fiction.

After having its algorithms readjusted after making its way back into the paid store yesterday, this morning it was sitting at #952 in the overall paid store, #3 in Medical Thrillers and #38 in Science Fiction. I don't know if it can hold those ranks, but for now at least, what fun!

In other news, Steel Magnolia Press has a brand-new novella by an almost brand-new author. Lindy Corbin had a book traditionally published many years ago, but like many of us, life and bills got in the way and writing had to take a backseat for awhile.

Gypsy Bond is a Regency Romance with a steam rating of about 4-ish out of 5. Her cover is by Hot Damn Designs. And it's on offer at the special introductory price of just 99 cents.

Interestingly, Gypsy Bond seems to have found an audience in the UK already, having much better success in that market than SECTOR C is having, despite SECTOR C's strong showing in the US. You would think the English liked their stories set in England or something :o).

The palm reader spoke of two paths. Would one lead Juliet to her gypsy husband?
At sixteen, Juliet Bailey was hand-fasted to the gypsy, Marko, but when the tribe moved on, she was left behind. For years, she has endured snubs and snide remarks whispered behind lace fans. Now that the gypsies have returned, she demands her rightful place beside her husband.

Marko, who returned to Derbyshire to lay aside his memories of their rash affair, refuses to acknowledge the union. Though attracted to her still, he is convinced that her happiness lies in taking a husband who is her peer.

Stung by Marko’s rejection, will Juliet choose the path that will separate them forever?
Novella. About 16,000 words / 60 pages.

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lexcade said...

Iiiinteresting... Might have to check into that novella.

So glad you're seeing success for Sector C!