Saturday, January 7, 2012

Free Is Good - And So Are Author Interviews

I so promised myself I wasn't going to do screencaps every few hours during SECTOR C's free run on Amazon and that I would keep it a low-key affair. But that was before I saw this.

Not only this, in the wee, wee hours (where we again see the importance of commas) of Saturday morning, it hit:

#33 in the free store overall
#16 in Genre Fiction
#19 in All Fiction

7931 downloads in just over 24 hours.

Update at 4:00 PM: SECTOR C is now #27 in the free store overall with over 10,500 downloads since yesterday.

And the icing (because some days you get iced cake and other days you get the shaft): an author interview to cap off my stay over at the shiny new Indie Books R Us review site.

1 comment:

Whirlochre said...

The icing on the shaft is the one you have to watch out for.

Nice to see a steady momentum building and I hope the interview goes well. if there are to be photos, make sure those iguanae dress up...