Friday, January 27, 2012

Filed In: A Nice Problem To Have

I continue to check the iTunes stores waiting for my book to drop off the charts there so I can feel OK about pulling it and making it exclusive to Amazon.

Late Thursday, as I write this, Spoil of War is #1 -- again -- in Historical Fantasy in the US Apple iTunes store. It's #61 in the overall Science Fiction/Fantasy genre.

It's also #1 in Canada and the UK, and #2 in Australia.

Yay, right!?

Except that's making the decision whether to put it exclusively into Amazon/KDP Select a lot more difficult. Every time it starts to slip in the rankings there, I think maybe now's the time. Then back up it climbs and I take my finger off the trigger.

As more and more time passes, I'm realizing this book has a special relationship with the iTunes stores that it doesn't have anywhere else (although OmniLit comes close).

Sure, I could probably boost its sales over on Amazon enough to compensate for the lost sales on Apple were I to remove it from iTunes distribution. Apple isn't Amazon, and making the iTunes charts doesn't have the same financial impact. Not anywhere close.

But you know what? I LIKE clicking over to Apple and seeing my book being embraced by the readers there. I LIKE seeing that it's gotten nearly 200 ratings across the stores and that the majority of those ratings are 5 stars. I LIKE visiting my book's product pages there. And I LOVE that my book has found an audience that appreciates it for what it is. Having Spoil in iTunes just makes me feel good.

My business brain says to pull it. My heart says no.

Maybe -- just maybe -- I've finally developed enough wisdom to know that following your heart is sometimes the best business decision you can make.


Kay said...

This is probably obvious, but... Kindle automatically sends you to Amazon while IPad goes to ITunes, right?

I have both and read my "books" on the Kindle application because I've gotten used to it whether I'm reading on my IPad, IPhone, computer, or Kindle (which I rarely use).

I'm not sure what my point was.

Maybe even though I still read my books physically on "I" devices, I purchase from Amazon. I may experiment some with itunes. To tell the truth, it intimidates me a little bit. :-)

Landra said...

I'm gonna say go with your heart. This is probably what you didn't want to hear, but I think that Spoil is a special book and it should be where it's appreciated the most. That seems to be the Istore; even though you will have to settle for delayed sales results and not as much statistical info when you want it.

Sylvia said...

I think there are different audiences and it makes business-sense to keep a foot in every camp, if you can. Your heart is brainier than it looks. ;)