Monday, January 30, 2012

Extinct ... Isn't. But It Is FREE!

Wow! Has it been a year already????

This time last year I was making final decisions on which stories to accept into the Extinct Doesn't Mean Forever anthology.

Last night I enrolled 17 of the 19 stories chosen with Amazon Select and uploaded a new edition of each ebook with a new cover, new front and back matter, and the odd updated author bio. Tomorrow each of the stories goes FREE on Amazon for 2 days. Almost a year later, these stories and their anthology are still alive and kicking. In fact, January has been one of the anthology's best sales months since its launch, with nothing more than some passive promotion behind it.

With the exception of "The Angel Genome," for which Chrys had already obtained a licensed image, "Blood Fruit," which Shona photoshopped and sent over, and "Past Survivors," for which Sarah submitted personal photos, the covers were all created from creative commons images and standard Office fonts. Of course, some them are also manipulations and/or blends of multiple creative commons images. For short stories that will either be free or 99c, I think they came out rather striking as a group, don't you?

I also took the opportunity to tweak the cover of the anthology just a tiny bit, making it easier to see and read as a thumbnail. I also had to reluctantly remove one of the stories that was a reprint due to a prior contractual agreement that prohibits it from being made exclusive with Amazon. This makes me quite sad personally, although in the end it was a business decision. "Too Close for Comfort" by Kyle Aisteach is still available as a stand-alone short, and I hope we can still help drive sales of his story.

Extinct Doesn't Mean Forever is free on Amazon on Tuesday ONLY. Snag a copy soon!

Want to learn more about the individual stories and the individual authors? The following blogs are spotlighting their Extinct story contributions on Tuesday and/or Wednesday. (I'll update as the authors let me know they're participating.) Go visit and say Hi! And download some free reads on Tuesday and Wednesday while you're at it. Don't forget you can get a free app from Amazon to let you read Kindle books on any device you want.

Chrystalla Thoma: "The Angel Genome"
Peter Dudley: "Distractions"
Kenneth Burstall: "Connect"
Scott Thomas Smith: "In Ring"
Shona Snowden: "Blood Fruit"
Jo Antareau: "My Own Secret Dinosaur"
Jen White: "A Dark Forest"


vkw said...

I love these covers!

Chelsea P. said...

Gorgeous covers!!! Go "Extinct"!!!

... okay that sounded funny.

You know what I mean!