Thursday, January 5, 2012

Double Yay!

Whew! It's like a week-long reviewfest at the Indie Books R Us blog. Cate posted her review of SECTOR C there today, and I'm happy to say it's a double Yay from the team. I'll be wrapping up my spotlight week there on Saturday with an author interview, and the questions they're asking are pretty awesome and insightful. I only hope my responses do the questions justice!

That said, I've made the decision to put SECTOR C into Amazon's Select program. One of the cool things about having control over a digital book is that you can make changes relatively quickly to match changes in the marketplace or in your own marketing plan. Conventional wisdom tells us we should make one change at a time to better track the effectiveness of each change. Well, I'm thwarting conventional wisdom, knowing full well I'll be sorry about it down the road when I'm forced to look at lessons learned (obviously I learn the lessons, I just don't implement the learned part).

Not only is SECTOR C now exclusive with Amazon, it has a new cover, a new title page and new back matter. Soon, it will have a new price ($2.99). And it's going on its first free run for 2 days on Friday and Saturday. The only thing that hasn't changed is the story itself. Nothing like a facelift to fall in love again with obsessing over what's working and what's not.

Tomorrow, I'll have the December sales wrap-up, along with some numbers from how others did.

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Landra said...

It was double 'yay'!!! Can't wait to see your sales wrap. I love reading those posts.

Your continued success inspires me.:)