Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Shelf Placement

In a not-so-surprising twist, I had planned a post on holiday placement at the various venues before Amazon stepped in with their quite surprising site change, which pre-empted this post with yesterday's.

What's amazing to me on Apple's iTunes site as well as Amazon's is how comfortably traditionally pubbed books rub shoulders with the indies. At Barnes and Noble, not so much.

Two of the books that I published out to Apple (through Smashwords) for Steel Magnolia Press got some lovely placement last week just before Apple announced most of their crew would be off for the holidays. While the bestseller lists are automated, the other lists seem to be manually overseen. So at one of the busiest times for ebook buying, these books have prime placement with the potential that they'll keep that placement through the first of the year.

On the US iTunes site, on the Romance splashpage, Out of the Dark is the first book on the Under $5 promo spot. How cool is that?

On the Contemporary Romance page on the US site, A Vision of Sugarplums has a spot on the New and Noteworthy list. And it's even a free title!

Even though Spoil of War has dropped off the bestseller list for Historical Romance in the US store, someone at Apple continues to give it some love as it still has a place on the What's Hot list for Historical Romance. It's still clinging to the What's Hot lists for SFF in the regional stores, too.

Allowing Spoil to go free last month was one of the best decisions I could have made for it. At Apple, it continues to perform well (although I won't know what that means in actual numbers until next month). It's getting great exposure in the iTunes stores.

Spoil is currently #9 in Historical Fantasy in the US and is on the What's Hot lists for both Historical Fantasy and all Fantasy.

In the Canada store, Spoil is #1 in Historical Fantasy, and has been for over a week now. It's #30 there in ALL Science Fiction and Fantasy titles.

I'm not sure what its actual rank is in the UK. It doesn't appear in the Top 10 on the Historical Fantasy splashpage, but when I click the link to see how far down it is, this is what I get:

Nice, and I'll take it certainly, but sort of WTF? :o)

Spoil has also been #1 in Historical Fantasy in Australia for the past 4 days. The screenshot looks very much like Canada's up there, so I'll spare you that image.

At OmniLit, sister site to All Romance eBooks, Spoil got a featured spot right before the holiday weekend. Pretty, huh?

In Amazon, Spoil has been selling steadily -- certainly better than it's sold previously. It's still in the halo effect from being free, I think, so I'm watching closely to see what happens in the next couple of weeks. So far, it's sold 329 copies this month across all venues, with Apple not yet reporting in.

Vet Tech Tales is up to 194 sales after its free push.

Now I'm anxiously waiting to see what my promo over at Kindle Nation Daily on Wednesday might do for SECTOR C, which has sold 176 copies to date this month.

Lessons learned this holiday season: Pushing a lot of unrelated books? Not easy. But in its way, quite fun. I'm beginning to feel like a "real" author ;o).


Sarah Laurenson said...

Add one more sale for the Vet Tech Tales. I think my wife will love them, too, since she was considering becoming a vet tech.

Looks like Blogger fixed the login issues and I now show up on all blogs as me. Yay! Makes commenting much easier.

Phoenix Sullivan said...

Aww, thanks, Sarah! And nice to see your smile again in the comments. Yay Blogger!

Whirlochre said...

Thanks for being a voyager
in a strange new world
with iguanae
and a cowboy hat.
In addition to being
praised by lizards,
people will thank you
for that.