Friday, November 18, 2011

My Own Secret Dinosaur by Jo Antareau - Freebooking It Now!

Yay! Another story from the Extinct Doesn't Mean Forever anthology is now FREE on Amazon!

Jo Antareau's very excellent "My Own Secret Dinosaur" is one of the BEST examples of voice I've seen. At just 2000 words, it's well worth your while to read it to check out the voice, especially if you write middle grade stories. While the underlying themes are really adult-level (though younger folk can certainly enjoy the plot), the story is told through the eyes of an Australian youngster.

Download your copy at

It's also free on Apple iTunes and Smashwords, so no excuses for not picking it up.

We'll probably make another couple of stories from the anthology free, but we'll do it sequentially and unfree each previous book before the next goes free.

Speaking of free, Spoil of War continues to be free on Apple, which needs to unfree it before Amazon will put it back in the paid store. It just broke 16,200 downloads on Amazon. While it's still #1 in the Apple and Amazon free stores for Historical Fantasy -- and in Amazon it's #8 in All Fantasy, #9 in Historical Romance and #51 in All Romance -- its overall rank on Amazon is dropping. It's now #203 in the free store. I'm hoping it will still be in the Top 300 when it's unfreed.

On Apple, Spoil now has 48 ratings with a 4.5-star average. The two text reviews it has are both 5-star. Just sayin' ;o).

I'll have an announcement about another free book soon! Stick with me here and you may never have to buy another book again...


Jo-Ann said...

Shucks, Phoenix, I blush!

Ken Burstall said...

Great stuff!
I've got "The Rose of Desire" and "Bubbles" freebooking right now and both are doing well. Hopefully I'll get some reviews.

Wilkins MacQueen said...

I loved the story. Beautifully crafted.

Come to think of it I loved ALL the stories in Extinct. Rarely do you get so many treasures in one anthology.