Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Trick And Some Treats

The Trick

I've been complaining about the summer drought here in Texas, happy that we're beginning to see rain again. Meanwhile, parts of Thailand are seeing the highest flood levels in 50 years with massive amounts of water still on the way. In an email, friend of the blog Wilkins MacQueen who lives in Bangkok reports some food distribution centers are flooded and that the shelves are empty at the larger chain stores. News reports hint at possible mass evacuations.

Internet connections there are sketchy so I don't know if Mac is among those who've already left the city, but she was thinking she would have to go. As she notes, "If you've seen the tv, the reality is way worse." Keep our Thai friends in your thoughts through this disaster.

The Treats

Ken Burstall's FREE short story "Connect" excerpted from the Extinct Doesn't Mean Forever anthology has now had over 1000 downloads just on Amazon. We're crossing our fingers that as folk get around to reading the story, they'll want to read more quality stories and click through to the anthology.

Grab your free copy of "Connect" now for your Trick-or-Treat bag.

And here's some eye-candy for your treat bag as well. Simon John Cox, who authored the bittersweet "The Restoration Man" short (99 cents) in the Extinct antho, has published a triptych of horror stories titled Totentanz for just 99 cents. He's put together some terrific cheeky posters for the stories and gave me permission to share them here just in time for Halloween. Enjoy.

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lexcade said...

Did Mac say whether there was anything we could do to help? Maybe a place to send supplies or money or whatever we can?

I'm getting a new computer soon *yay!* so I'll finally be able to finish up all those e-books I have...then I shall move on to Ken's and Simon's stories. Thanks for the awesome linkage!

Phoenix Sullivan said...

@Lexcade: Yay for the new computer!

As for aid to Thailand, especially Bangkok, the government actually turned away American ships. I think they finally recanted and the ships had to turn around again but the political stand seems to be one of denial right now. They're taking measures but not enough - for instance, the major relief center has had to evacuate and move four times already.

I got another email last evening from Mac. She didn't get out of the city as she doesn't have her own transportation and everywhere was too crowded. The water reservoirs are contaminated but she can get fresh water as long as the electricity in her building holds out (I take that to mean there's some kind of pump system there). She's on a second floor so thinks she can ride out high water.

She also mentioned several croc and snake farms have been flooded. Coupled with dead animals in the floods, the flood water itself is not safe to be navigating. Cleanup will be a nightmare (remember Katrina?).

The worst of the flooding is yet to come: