Saturday, October 8, 2011

Linky Love

Today I'm disussing "Weaving Science Into Fiction" (with tongue planted a bit in cheek) on Rachel Wells' "25 Days of Twisted" guest authors (she's new to blogging, so forgive the formatting wobbles).

And here are a couple of unexpected but quite lovely reviews for SECTOR C:

The monthly report-in for sales didn't happen on the Kindle Boards forum for September. However, there's a poll up now about how much authors are averaging monthly, which should make for constructive conversation. Last evening there were 175 respondents. I'll capture some figures at the end of today and have commentary on it tomorrow if I get permission.

So far, it has a very clear answer to the question of whether anyone hoping to make money can do it through self-publishing: "It depends." (Really, you saw that coming, right? But gray "depends" is a lot more interesting than black-and-white "yes" or "no." Yes?)


Red Tash said...

Is this poll on KB? I have only been skimming the threads there. Had a death in the family and that plus the promotion have really eaten up my KB time! :|

Phoenix Sullivan said...

@Red: Yes, the poll results so far and a link are now on my new post for Sunday.