Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Welcome Red Tash “Trick or Treat” Contest Enterers

The porch light is ON and I’m home to help hand out treats!

EVERYONE can enter, although you do have to be a US/Canada resident to win the KINDLE and other prizes Red’s giving away to celebrate the launch of her new ebook, This Brilliant Darkness. I’m throwing in a free copy of SECTOR C over there, but I’ll hand out 3 additional digital copies here based on randomly drawn comments – and you don’t have to be local to win those. Could be other participating SF, Fantasy and Horror authors are handing out more free books too. Go check out the treats they have on offer!

Red’s contest rules are here, along with the list of participating authors. You have through Oct 16 to rack up points toward that lovely Kindle, free ebooks and the additional copies of SECTOR C.

Note that if you enter once a day, your entry needs to appear either in the comments of the post for that day or the day before. The point is not to keep coming back to this post to enter but to engage with the blog itself. Duh ;o).

Let’s be safe out there. Good luck!


Landra said...

Those doggie ghosts are absolutely adorable!!

Red Tash said...

Ruff ruff! I have boxes of milkbones here at my door and those cute little Trick or Treaters are welcome any day! We are down to *only* two dogs in my house, presently. ;)

Thanks again for contributing to the giveaway, Phoenix! Have a restful Sunday! Good luck to your readers! Hopefully one of them wins the free Kindle.