Thursday, September 15, 2011

Let's Celebrate YOU!

Sometimes it seems like a hard slog through an unforgiving universe, doesn't it?

What writing milestones have you achieved lately?
  • Have you finished a manuscript?
  • Submitted it?
  • Gotten requests?
  • Gotten an agent?
  • Been published?
  • Published something yourself?

We all deserve a little brag time. I'd love to hear what you have to brag about!


Michelle4Laughs said...

I need a little brag time to make me remember to be grateful. Thanks Phoenix.

I'm currently querying my ms Kindar's Cure. I've gotten two full requests and one partial. Two requests are still outstanding and there are many more agents to query.

I'm so going to try and keep my thoughs positive though it is tough out there.

Phoenix Sullivan said...

Yay, Michelle! It's tough but not impossible. I'm still hearing about folk getting plucked out of the slush. Feel free to drop any time and brag a bit. It does us ALL good :o)

Chelsea P. said...

Yay, congrats Michelle! Sounds like things are going well :) Hope you get great news soon!

stacy said...

Well, I've finished the 4th or 5th draft of a new short story. I'm at least finishing things now.

Congrats, Michelle!

Chelsea P. said...

Congrats Stacy!! :)

stacy said...

Thanks, Chelsea!

Wilkins MacQueen said...

Brag time - well okay. I'm polishing my real life ms for hip replacement (I'm older than dirt). But it is a good story, one surgery in China,the other in Thailand.

Red Tash said...

Just published This Brilliant Darkness, of course.

Editing a short story collection for someone else--high fantasy, with an accompanying novel coming soon(ish).

Taking a much-deserved break in late October to celebrate me birthday & go trick or treating, then back to work on Troll or Derby, which I hope to finish by Christmas. Can't wait!!!

Thanks for celebrating with me at the Trick or Treat Bash! I guess I should add that to my success list. I've had about 50 entries so far (not too shabby for one week).

lexcade said...

Um, well, still waiting to hear back from agent who has the full of Duality... Almost done with the rough draft of my urban fantasy *happy dance*. Soooo excited to start edits!

lexcade said...

Best of luck, Michelle!

Stacey, hope your short story gets accepted quick when you start subbing it :)

Wilkins, let us know how your surgeries go! Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Red Tash, sounds like you're busy! I'll have to check out your book :)

Phoenix Sullivan said...

Kudos to all of you! I love success stories. And sometimes success is simply getting out of bed in the morning ;o) That you all have accomplished more is something worth shouting about.

Cheers to all!