Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Who Knew?

I devote a large chunk of each day to my writing career. Lately, it seems more and more of that time is swallowed up by things other than the actual act of writing. Or even of plotting and outlining -- all the things you normally associate with the writing process.

For instance, I've set up a couple of new blogs.

  • Dare To Dream Press, which launched last week. Setting it up meant learning what types of widgets and gadgets and pages Amazon Associates offers and how to embed them in Blogger. And, of course, setting up the widgets for the site.
  • Confessions of an Animal Junkie (yes, it has a name -- many thanks to Landra, my virtual bounceboard during a midnight tweet session), my new animal-related blog, which launches tomorrow. I didn't want it coming naked into the world, without content, so I copied over all the "meet each of my beasties" posts from this blog, resized everything to fit over there, and then read through it all to edit for continuity and reference issues (and no, I did NOT get caught up looking at my kids' "baby" pictures. Nuh-uh.). Plus I wanted some fun gadgets, so have been looking for ones that go with the theme. And figuring out how to incorporate them without slowing the page load too much.
I reformatted 17 stories from the Extinct anthology as stand-alones and uploaded them to 3 different storefronts.

Every time these storefronts offers a promo op, usually on Facebook, I've jumped, uploading tweaked covers and tweaked text.

On Kindleboards and nookboards, I tweak descriptions and subject taglines for each book weekly.

I've brainstormed ideas such as the vet tech story collections and toyed with outlines and marketing plans to ensure they're workable. I've dumped a couple of ideas that weren't.

I've created ads for freebie exposure in an online magazine. Two of the ads that I was promised would be used, didn't make it in. Since one was for Extinct's campaign for the Tassie Devils, it can't be reused, so that ended up being wasted time. The ad that did make it in hasn't led to any attributable sales, so more time that could have been better spent elsewhere, as well.

And I've partnered in a venture that I can't discuss right now, but that is about to take up all the time I freed up by getting the new blogs launched and the 17 stories formatted and uploaded.

Here's my to-do list for this week:
  • Buy the hi-res art for Spoil of War's cover, recreate the cover image in high resolution, and create a new spine and back cover for a print version.
  • Reformat Spoil's text file for uploading to Amazon's CreateSpace to create a print version.
  • Upload all the files and set up the print version.
  • Complete final tweaks to the new Animal Junkie blog design.
  • Write the intro post for Wednesday's launch.
  • Read through the few chapters I wrote years ago about my days as a vet tech and rework some of it into a post for Friday's debut of the weekly series.
  • Put together some final thoughts and lessons learned about query writing for a post here. This will likely post this weekend or early next week. 
  • Create stupid artwork for some of the posts for this blog. Yes, I generally do my own lineart - bet you couldn't tell ;o)
  • Get a memo out to some of the Extinct authors about a regional award they can enter.
  • Identify more review sites for Spoil and Extinct and send queries.
  • Read an anthology that has a crit partner's story in it and do a review.
  • Continue to read writing/publishing blogs and forums and post to them.
  • Update recurring posts for Spoil and Extinct on the Kindleboard and nookboard forums.
  • Identify animal-related blogs and forums so I can begin posting to them ASAP.
  • Start on final edits to Sector C, which I want to release in early September, which will mean identifying new review sites and forums -- just not this week.
You'll note repairing unexpected water leaks, such as the one I spent a couple of hours repairing yesterday, is not on the list. I think I'll have to put my foot down and say, going forward, if it ain't on the list, it ain't getting done!

Mind you, I'm not whining. I don't HAVE to set myself up like this. I'm free to walk away from any and/or all of it at any time. I'm not playing a sympathy card, just pointing out that, with the exception of writing the first vet tech post and editing Sector C, none of what's on the list has to do with the traditional thinking of what writing is -- yet it's all writing-career related. A second note to point out is nowhere does "work on my current WIP" show up for this week :o(.

So tell me, what writing-related activities do you have on your plate for this week or month?


Wilkins MacQueen said...

Reading about your buffet is enough for me. Weak from what you've carved out for your Divine self to do. But I came down with a cold so I'll baby myself for a day or two and read your new blog and try and keep up with you.

I thought I was a glutton for punishment. I hope you'll take a day to play with your gore goat, give the iguana some fruit, take a nap and maybe kickback for an hour and chill, covered with cat and adored by canine. It's the cold medicine. I think Care Bears are dancing across my ceiling. Sniff, hack, no more cold remedies for me. The bears are pastel, freaky.

Jo-Ann said...

Can't wait to see the new blog, Phoenix. Love the name!

I feel exhausted just reading the to do list.