Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Proposing? It's All About The "Yes"

Landra, over at Rise of the Slush, is doing a wonderfully informative Writing Profession Series. How can you put your writing skills to work in the real world? What are the qualifications? If you're just starting out, thinking of making a career change or maybe want to do a little moonlighting, check it out!

She's asked me to talk about Proposal Writing. Today is all about what proposals are and how they're created. Tomorrow -- well, let's just say tomorrow you might learn a few intimate details when it comes to the, shhh, money. If you've been following my "Sales Voyeur" series, you know theory doesn't cut it with me, so I'll be exposing some real paycheck figures: mine! You know you want a peek.

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Wilkins MacQueen said...

I did a lot of proposal writing at one time. It is also an art form. Can't wait to read on.

I did start up business proposals. They were fun. The buzz words were terrific.