Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Critique Matchmaker Site

Mine was pretty much a bust (thank you everyone who gave it a go -- I think we made one match at least!). But someone else has created, from a cursory look, a real, website-based service that's attracting people in several genres. It's in beta right now, though open to new members. All free. I've seen a reference to it from folk I know and like, but I don't personally know anything more about it than the few minutes I spent over there.

If you're still single (or looking to cheat), go check it out:

Updated to add it does indeed appear to be "ladies only" at this time.


Landra said...

Interesting, I'll have to check this out. I am still CP-less, and desprately seeking. Maybe I'll find a match! Thanks for the latest and greatest as always.

Matt said...

...and men can't join.

Kay said...

I checked it out. It looks pretty cool. Thanks for the tip, Phoenix. Stay cool.


Landra said...

Aw Matt! You should rebel. Isn't there a Men Critique Matchmaker site??

Matt said...

I'm afraid to search man on man critique. I suppose it wouldn't matter if there were, considering my target audience is female.

Hmm...I could join under my girlfriend's name -- ack, that's too deceptive.

My book's about a month away from the critique stage, anyway. Maybe they'll take dudes by then.

Phoenix Sullivan said...

The press info is confusing. In some places it says women, in others it's very generic about 'any writer.'

I've sent a message to the site runner to confirm what gender/s is/are acceptable. I'll post the answer here when she responds.