Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's War I Tell You. War!

The beauty of language, in my mind, lies in its fluid state. Through its ability to change, it can help shape and reinforce culture. It can help transition thinking from one paradigm to another. And it can be a source of eternal frustration for purists unwilling to let go of the old and embrace the new.

You might have noticed the groundswell recently around certain charged terms that've been infiltrating their way into conversations across the social media.


Indie author.

Indie book.

How do you react when you see the terms? Do they make you shudder? Make you proud?

What do you think when you think "indie?" A ghetto-ized subsection of published writers who aren't worth the electrons they publish on? A niche clique of avant-garde authors blazing new trails into uncharted territory?

Last week, Amazon proved once again that it/they is/are on the cutting edge of applauding/irritating writers with its/their latest marketing ploy/shot across the bow: Featured Kindle Indie Books.

Corporate America has spoken.

Where do YOU stand in the great definition war?


Snail Mail said...

I prefer to simply call myself an author. That way it's the product on trial, not me personally. Not quite sure why authors feel the need to declare their indieness, or self pubbery. Is it pride, or is it a kind of apolgetic hair shirt we wear so the big guys will let us play in their park?

Phoenix Sullivan said...

That's an interesting point, Snail Mail (ha! love the name). A lot of authors are seeing self-publishing as a kind of revolutionary statement, aren't they? So identifying themselves with that cause is likely a badge of pride. 'Author' plain and simple is an excellent strategy, I believe.