Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Release Day! Jennifer Blake's By His Majesty's Grace

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What would you do if you had over 60 books in 20 languages, totaling a staggering 30 million copies in print worldwide? Retire? Yeah, me too.

But not Jennifer Blake. Oh no. She writes more books. Today, the first book in her new Tudor-based historical romance trilogy, The Three Graces, launches. Next month, the second book of the trilogy comes out. And the month after that, the third book. How brilliant is that, marketing-wise? The books are being released simultaneously in both print and ebook versions through Harlequin's MIRA imprint. Jealous much? Well, book deals don't just fall into your lap. They have to be worked for.

Even if you aren't a romance fan, listen up. One day you might be faced with the problem of a huge backlist too :o)

You have to recognize that the industry changes. That what you're writing now may or may not be what you'll still be writing 35 years from now. Tastes change. Conventions change. The world changes. Two solid strategies for staying popular after a lot of years and a lot of books:
  • Write consistently.
  • Don't be afraid to try new things.
The Three Graces is Jennifer's first foray into the Tudor era. She identified a new market that wasn't over-saturated and that interested her, then did tons of research to prepare. Then she had to juggle the writing, editing and proofing of all three books on three different time schedules. This is what it means to be a successful author. Persistence isn't just the watchword of the wanna-be. It's the hallmark of the already-there.

Here are the juicy details for By His Majesty's Grace
The Three Graces of Graydon are well born sisters bearing an ominous curse: any man betrothed to them without love is doomed to die…

Her hand may be bestowed by others, but her heart is hers alone to give…

Much to her chagrin, Lady Isabel Milton has been given to Sir Rand Braesford—a reward from the Tudor king for his loyalty to the throne. The lusty nobleman quickly claims his husbandly rights, an experience Isabel scarcely hoped to enjoy so much. But youth and strength may not save Braesford from his bride’s infamous curse…

Accused of a heinous crime with implications that reach all the way to King Henry himself, Braesford is imprisoned in the Tower, and Isabel is offered her salvation—but for a price. She has the power to seal his fate, have him sent to the executioner and be freed from her marriage bonds. Yet the more Isabel learns of Rand, the less convinced she is of his guilt, and she commits to discover the truth about the enigmatic husband she never expected to love.
There are already many 4- and 5-star reviews around the interweebs, but this one sums it up best, I think:
“Set in 1486 England, By His Majesty’s Grace takes place in a new historical era for beloved award winning author Jennifer Blake. Her masterful writing and exquisite sense of pacing shine in this novel, bringing several elements together in one perfectly executed story. …a stunning entrée to a new sub-genre for Blake.”
~ Eye on Romance
You can sample pages right now.

And, of course, watch The Three Graces video.

Ready to buy?

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Teri said...

Awesome! But I don't think I have enough years left to publish 60+ books. Wow.

Off to order a copy now. Thanks for the recommendation!

Jo-Ann said...

Impressive! I know some people who wouldn't read 60 books in a lifetime, let alone write them!

I haven't read romance since my teens - but the whole curse thing intrigued me. A very clever premise. I might even seek a copy!