Sunday, July 3, 2011

"Look Inside" Preview Extended

When I recently switched out the cover of Spoil of War on Amazon, I had to upload a new file. I just noticed today that there's a "Look Inside" feature appended to the book now and the first 10,000 words are available for anyone to read directly from the site, whether you have a Kindle or a Kindle app or not. Many of the other books with the feature that I looked at don't have that much content available. Some have only a cover displaying, others just the table of contents or an interior map. Extinct just has the graphic from the title page. If I knew what I did to get so much preview content available for Spoil, I'd do it for Extinct too!

So if you've gotten tired of rereading Chapter One from this site and want to read an ADDITIONAL 7000 words for free, now you can -- directly from the Amazon US site. (The UK site hasn't implemented the Look Inside feature yet for ebooks.) The formatting is a little different from what you get in the "real" Kindle version. For instance, there's extra spacing between paragraphs AND a paragraph indent. Annoying, but heck I'm just happy the feature's been added!

Just click on the book cover once you're on the site. I hope you enjoy!

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