Thursday, June 9, 2011

Random Photo Roundup

Only one query in the queue and it's scheduled for tomorrow, so today we're playing "What's In The Camera?"

These are Crimson Pirate Day Lilies.
Sneaking in a cameo appearance by the swing is Loki. Please note Loki was named BEFORE all the hoopla around the Thor and Avengers movies. I was one cool geek long before everyone else caught on.

My BFF sent me this Amazon box for my birthday, and Orion thought it was the best birthday gift ever. Also, look, a perfect fit.
What came in the box was pretty nice too: A Kindle!

This is Magic. Obviously he's had a looooong day breaking rock and re-roofing the house.

First appearance by The Birds here on the blog. There are 7 parakeets and 2 zebra finches living in their homemade flight cage in the sunroom.

This is about as active as Fafnir ever gets. She's enjoying a treat of wild curly dock and dandelions. A typical lunch for her is diced squash, apple, pepper (bell, Anaheim, banana, etc), carrot, grapes, broccoli, cilantro, mustard and/or other fruits and veggies as they come in season.

The herd.

Checking out the treat wagon (there's an open bag of horse treats on the backseat). I put up a bit of temporary fence yesterday so the horses can graze around the house for a couple of weeks.

Ricky loves the camera and kept trying to worm his way into all the pictures. I think when the vet was out and called him "flashy" it went to his head a bit. He's just over 3 years old.

Bonita (aka Bonnie) is coming up on 8 months old now. She's finally outgrown that awkward, ugly stage and is presentable for appearing in photos again.

Lyssa is the matron at 20 years old. She's usually camera shy, but the chow hound in her got the best of her when offered a treat in return for some close-ups.

Bella (left) is Bonnie's mother.  
That's Cody on the right. Everything's a long walk around here when you're little and short-legged.
They're both 3 years old. (Yes, Bella was a teen mom. Oops.)

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Sarah Laurenson said...

Aw. When are we moving in?

Matthew MacNish said...

That's a lot of animals.

vkw said...

That is a lot of responsibility.

I know how much time and money it takes to feed, care, groom, and play with the dogs and cats.

I feel overwhelmed some days with five dogs. I have new foster. I promised everyone I would only have one from now on but . . . Lizzie looked so sweet. (She isn't. She's a lab crossed with a blue healer. Think hyper-smart. Bad combination.)

My Lupines and Columbine bloomed three days ago. They are so beautiful. They are blue. I love blue flowers.

You are a marvel Phoenix.

Xenith said...

Budgies *grumbles*

I have no animals at the moment so I'm insanely jealous :(

Xenith said...

Hmms at Blogger. I seem to remember this disappearing comment problem with one of the anniversary blogs so I'll see if this works....

Phoenix Sullivan said...

@Sarah: LOL!

@Matthew: Hey, you have a last name and an avatar now!

@vkw: Some animals take more time than others. I'm amazed at you being able to handle as many fosters as you do. And now Lizzie. Oh my.

Ooh, lupines and columbine -- we can't grow those here. You may not get flowers till late in the season, but the ones you do sound gorgeous.

@Xenith: Go figure. The budgies comment got quarantined but the follow-up comment didn't. Weird. You don't look any different in those two comments. You must have done something bad to Blogger in a past life...

Xenith said...

Budgies = Opera
Following comment and this one = Chrome.

That is the problem, but I'm going to try upgrading the Beast to see if that help.

Sarah Laurenson said...

My wife knows how to pick stalls.


AA said...

Luv all of dem :)

Jo-Ann said...

How adorable!

Where do you get the time to run the farm, maintian a garden, write, do those in depth responses to the queries and write some more? Have you found a way to clone yourself, and if so, can I clone me?

Wilkins MacQueen said...

Looking at the pictures makes me want to go back, return to the ranch days.Homesick for my horses.Thanks for reminding me of my best days. Long gone.

Wilkins MacQueen said...

Miss your insights. Happy to see you have a last name. Your buddy, Mac

Matt said...

Do you think that's me? Running a blog isn't my kind of thing. I'm an evolved anonymous like 150 and vkw.

Wilkins MacQueen said...

Sorry! Yes, I thought it was you. A short succinct comment, thought for sure it was Matt. I've been wrong before however.

Good to see you again.

fairyhedgehog said...

My comment got lost! I love your photos.

Phoenix Sullivan said...

Thanks, AA!

@FHH: Your comment didn't go to spam either. Must have been swallowed up in one of those micro black holes that take car keys, glasses and a single mate to a sock pair.

@Jo-Ann: You seem to be under the mistaken impression I'm getting any writing done ;o). I was atually much more impressed with me when I was doing this and holding down a 60-hour a week job! Everything in its time....

Sylvia said...

They are all so beautiful! And I don't know how you get it all done, either.

Fafnir eats better than I do. :/