Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Civil War and Zombies

I seem to have missed that this anthology with a short story of mine is on for a reasonable price of $2.99 as an ebook. I've mentioned here before that I feel little urge to promote this book as I sold the story outright for 1/4 cent per word and don't get any share of the royalties. But hey -- book!

Before it was offered on Amazon, the print edition was available only with high shipping costs tacked on. I see the print version on Amazon is $16.99 and eligible for free shipping.

Hmm, I just might pick up the ebook myself now (I don't own the print version either).

It does have a cool cover. And there are a couple of stories (and authors!) in it that I have a special fondness for:
  • "Dixie Dust" by Sylvia Spruck Wrigley
  • "Bad Things Happen Here" by Shona Snowden


Sylvia said...

I love this book. The cover is hysterical and it has three awesome female authors in it. ;)

Sarah Laurenson said...

Sounds great!

I loved Shona's story in the Extinct anthology (that's the only one I've read so far).

Landra said...

I would totally buy this just to read your story Phoenix and Sylvia's but I am not a zombie fan. Suprisingly that's the only area I draw the line. No zombie books or movies for mwah! Lol!
Let's just say I would rather deal with a murdering psycho then a pack of zombies.

Sylvia said...

My zombies are the good guys!

Phoenix Sullivan said...

Clearly, zombies are misunderstood. Perhaps we should organize a Zombie Pride Parade for the un-undead.

But do we invite the murdering psychos? Or would that lead to speculation about a Zombie Agenda?

Landra said...

@Sylvia Ok, I would read the story if the zombies are the good guys.

I have to amend my previous comment as there is one Zombie movie I enjoy watching Zombieland with Woody Harrelson. It was hilarious!

@Phoenix I think invite the psycho's would lean toward a zombie agenda. In fact though this would be a great idea for a book.

Jo-Ann said...

Um - I've never actually read a zombie story before.
I feel like the geek girl at the party with the cool kids.