Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ch - ch - ch- changes

You may have noticed we’re coming up on 100 queries critted (#96 yesterday). That’s 100 original to this site. Add in all the reduxes and the re-reduxes, and it’s really been well over 200 letters I’ve had the pleasure to comment on here. Wow! Plus about 20 ssssssynopses. All-in-all, somewhere around 80,000 words.

You guys have been awesome!

Once we tip 100, though, I’m going to bow out of the critting circle. I’ll still be happy to post the occasional crit for any of the “regulars” who’d like to run a query or synopsis by. And I’ll still play over at Evil Editor’s site. Rewriting queries is an addiction I’ll still have to feed occasionally.

Here, however, I think I’m ready to move on from critting. I plan to amp up commentary on industry-related news and to continue chronicling the successes and failures of my self-pubbing efforts (or traditionally pubbed if that should happen). I’ll continue to empty my camera and post pix of my beautiful beasties because, after all, this blog is about things that are important to me. I certainly don’t want to be overly obnoxious, though, so I’ll back off of a 6-day-a-week posting schedule to a 2- or 3-day-a-week one. I won’t post if I have nothing to talk about. Plus, I’m trying to be more protective of my time. Not that I don’t procrastinate enough of it away on other things!

I certainly hope you’ll keep this little blog in your readers. And that you’ll still come by for a chat. If not, I understand – and I’ll likely see you over on the other critting sites.

As far as query help goes, agent sites are great but they'll take forever to get to your query, if they choose to crit it at all. Still, the query archives at the following sites are goldmines for learning about structure, what works/doesn’t work, etc.

Miss Snark
Query Shark 

For help getting your query tweaked once you’ve read and reread the archives above, go first to Evil Editor. Most of you found your way here through him, so I don’t need to elaborate on what a fabulous resource that site is -- from 900+ archived queries to just a few days turnaround for an awesome crit from Da Man Himself, as well as a cadre of minions who are quite astute in their own rights.

Once you’ve got a revision in hand, you can run it by any of the following workshopping sites. Add your other favorites in the comments and I’ll update on this post.

Nathan Bransford’s Forums
Query Goblin 
Agent Query Connect

And be sure to let me know when you’ve reached any milestones in your publishing careers: I’ll be happy to broadcast your success right here!

As I mentioned, I’ll still be posting. Tomorrow I’ll be talking about an exciting charity campaign that launches July 1. And over the weekend, I’ll come clean with monthly sales stats for June and more observations about what seems to work/not work in promoting and positioning.

Then I’ll work on getting the existing query crits tagged and archived better.

So, are you sitting on a query you’d like critted but haven’t submitted yet? There are still 4 more query slots to go before we reach 100 – and there are NONE in the queue! At this rate, it could be a very long time before I “officially” stop critting queries here :o) Will YOUR query be one of the final 4???


Kay Elam said...

I am glad to see you doing this (after my crits, of course). I've been overwhelmed just reading about all you do, so taking this off your plate helps my codependency of being concerned about your well-being. LOL

I'm betting you'll still get lots of traffic and I'm looking forward to your posts (as always). Another place to get a query critiqued is They have a strong critiquing community and lots of other cool forums.

Good luck with your new format and on behalf of all those you've helped, Thanks. You and your followers have been great!


Whirlochre said...

It'll be a shame to lose you as a critter but if that means you can spend more time on things like industry news and iguanae then that's great — a bit like a tortoiseshell butterfly painting over a few of its original colours with some spanking brand new ones and donning the spray can as a helmet.

Riley Redgate said...

Ahh, the end of an era. So bittersweet. :P

Thank you for the wealth of great advice you've given out, Phoenix! I know people in query hell will find your site incredibly useful regardless of whether they can get their query critiqued. Observational learning is a powerful, powerful thing, after all...

vkw said...

I'm sorry to hear that you'll not be critiquing queries anymore, however, I do appreciate you have to do what you have to do.

I look forward to continuing to follow you for other reasons.


Matt said...

Ack, now I feel guilty that I have not been able to crit the last few months. I'd sit down and start composing a comment but then something else would come along and demand my time.

Good for you, though. If I can't find the time to comment, I don't know where you find the time to do all this.

Jo-Ann said...

Oh - oh - panic sets in! I'll have to get a query over to you pronto! 100 crits is a fabulous total, Phoneix, well done!

Wilkins MacQueen said...

A new page. Congats on the success you've enjoyed. Congrats on a new order of things.

Aaaaargh.... Withdrawal already. I look forward to the four legged critters. Never get enough of them or your stories and tales of life on the farm.


Phoenix Sullivan said...

@Kay: Thanks for the link. I've added it to the post. And your co-dependent concern is co-appreciated :o)

@Whirl: My thoughts exactly -- only with prettier images!

@Riley: I, too, learned by perusing archives those many years ago...

@vkw: Thank you. When are you putting up a site so I can hang with you there?

@Matt: You supported this site and the queriers heavily in the early days. No reason to feel guilty!

@Jo-Ann: No rush. I'll definitely make exceptions for good blog buds like you and everyone else commenting!

@Mac: Consider it an opportunity to discover new query sites ;o). And I'll definitely still be posting beastie pix a few times a month!

fairyhedgehog said...

This all sounds great - I've been struggling and failing to keep up with all the wonderful crits and rewrites.

I mostly love your pictures and words about the beasties but whatever grabs you enough to blog it will be fine by me!

Wilkins MacQueen said...

By the bye, will you be getting Sector C out? That story, has its time come?

I've read the opening many times. Want more. So cool.

Chelsea P. said...


Okay, I totally understand, but I will miss you!! Well, I'll miss your crits. You'll still be around.

You know what I mean!


It's been an honor being critted by you. Simple thanks will never be enough.

Sylvia said...

Noooo! I'm not ready yet! *sob*

I hope you do continue to sneak in a few crits with your other posts. I've been really enjoying the mix, even though I know I don't comment as often as I should.

jjdebenedictis said...

I'm sorry to hear you're cutting back on critting--you're so good at this! (And I'm sorry to be late to say so; I was on vacation the past two weeks and thus missed this post when it went up.)

That said, the Query Goblin could suuuure use some fresh queries in her maw. All are welcome! :)