Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spring Flowers Interlude

No queries today (one for tomorrow - empty queue after that), synopses, or guest posts (wouldn't YOU like to be a guest here?), so I give you flowers that aren't too far from the house (because it hurts to walk much after my sweet, darling mama goat gored me in the back of the leg earlier this week)...


Torch Flowers

Primrose and Dandelions

Trumpet Vine


Yarrow (Wild)


Sylvia said...

Hey, we've got yarrow blooming too. I like how you did the double-photographs of each, that's clever.

fairyhedgehog said...

Lovely photos! It's ages since I've seen that much clover all together.

Chelsea P. said...

Oh! The trumpet vine is so gorgeous!

Julia B said...

They look beautiful! And I'm very envious of you being in Spring - we're just headed into Autumn and it's freezing already!

Phoenix Sullivan said...

@Sylvia: I guess I should be engaging in SatScenes, eh? :o) I do wish the white yarrow were yellow, but there's tons of it around here and it's all free to enjoy, so I'm happy.

@FHH: I wish there were more clover about for the horses' sake!

@Chelsea: I'll post pictures later this summer when the trumpet vine is in full bloom. These vines usually put out tons of blooms. And the hummingbirds love them.

@Julia: I have so many online buds in ANZ, I sometimes forget what season I am in.

Wilkins MacQueen said...

Animals, flowers, what could be sweeter?

Love the photos.

Spring is in the air, the animals are frisky. I suggest some hockey equipment to take care of the ambush factor. Duct tape and hockey pads, that's what you need.

Love the farm photos. How is your large iguana doing? Able to take outdoor exercise these days?


vkw said...

I am seldom envious of anything because I have been so blessed.

But I am envious of you Phoenix. I was out planting seeds and pulling weeds this past weekend. Morning Glories, assylum, daylilies, and some other blue flowers and two potted ones. I am worried the ground will not stay warm enough.

Cold, wet, miserable this week and it's never safe to plant anything non-hardy before memorial day weekend here.

Love the trumpet vine. I have a vine in my yard it should be growing any day now. It has a name but I don't know what it is called. I call it my vine with red flowers.


Phoenix Sullivan said...

@Mac: I love the hockey padding idea! It was the one of the first days I'd gone out in shorts and I had nothing 'twixt me and her horn.

It hasn't quite been warm enough yet to take the iguana out. But I have her harness and leash ready when it is :o)

@vkw: I see areas full of lush tropical vegetation and huge flowers and feel my own pangs of jealousy. I bet a shorter growing season means a greater intensity and appreciation for what you have when you have it. Fingers crossed your early-planting gamble pays off!

AA said...

You've got flowers! All I've got up here in the mountains is snow.

I was looking for a flower or two to put on my mom's table for Mother's Day. On her entire property, her neighbor's, etc., as far as the eye could see, there was not one. I made a crepe paper rose instead. *sigh*

Phoenix Sullivan said...

I didn't restore all the comments here, but I remember them!

@AA: I think a lovely crepe flower for your mom is sooo sweet. Sorry there aren't any real ones your way yet. Soon, I hope!

AA said...

Thanks. If it keeps snowing like this, we'll get some moisture in the ground and the flowers will be here soon enough. It's grating on the nerves a bit now, though.