Sunday, May 1, 2011

Public Service Announcement

You do not need an actual Kindle or nook e-reader to read ebooks.

That's right!

If you use any of the following devices, you can get FREE apps that let you read ebooks right on them!

  • PC
  • Mac
  • iPhone
  • Blackberry
  • iPad
  • Android
Amazon and B&N let you register up to 5 devices per account. That means if you get an e-reader -- or another supported device -- later, your entire library is immediately available to read on the new device.

As an added bonus, the Kindle apps for the PC and Mac support color.

I'd give you a direct link to the pages where you can download the FREE apps if Amazon and B&N didn't automatically add my account number to the links. But you can find them easily.

Look in my sidebar under either Spoil of War or Extinct, and click on the link for the store you shop at.

When the product page opens, look on the right side of the page to find the links to the apps.

On Amazon, you'll need to scroll down just a little. The apps are next to the "Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought" section and right below the section where you can download a free sample. It looks like this:

On B&N, the apps are right below the Buy Now/Download Sample section.

Cliff reminded me in the comments to the last post that I was missing a huge opportunity to let folk who may not otherwise know that these apps are available and that they're FREE.

Now, I don't own a reader. I've installed both the Kindle and nook apps on my laptop PC. They were fast and easy to install, and I haven't had any issues so, naturally, that makes me a huge advocate.

However, I have also heard from others of you that your experience hasn't been as positive. One person who tried installing the Kindle app on a Netbook and another on an older laptop ran into performance issues. So my caveat would be to install on a full-size PC or Mac notebook or desktop with a fairly up-to-date operating system and processor. And if you do try installing on less-optimal systems and it doesn't work, you can always remove the apps fairly quickly and easily.

This is also a great way to test out the experience and decide if buying a dedicated reader is in your future.


Orlando said...

That is very true. I downloaded kindle to my PC and it works fine. I still prefer the printed books especially the hard covered books, but I don't want to miss by turning my back on the future. A great read is a great read. I won't lose out reading a great book only because of my preference for hard covered books.

lexcade said...

i downloaded both kindle and nook. nice to save $200 on an e-reader :D

i'm also a paper book snob, but i'm adjusting to the whole digital deal. it was only a matter of time, i guess.

btw, Spoil of War? DUDE. AWESOME.

Sylvia said...

Getting to the "true" links for the software involves not believing what your browser tells you:

Kindle for the PC:

Kindle for the Mac:

Kindle for the iPhone:

I strongly suspect the other platforms will follow the same pattern, just add the device name as the last word. Or you can scroll down from one of those pages and find the bit that says "More Free Readers" at the bottom.

Phoenix Sullivan said...

@Orlando: Completely agree! Sometimes you want the intimacy of playing board games with friends and sometimes you'd rather play a robot online. Depends on where you are and the circumstances, eh?

@Lexcade: Aww shucks. And HUGE thanx for spreading the word.

@Sylvia: Ahem. *sigh* Work with me here, girlfriend. See, I could pretend I didn't know how to get past the browser code so that I had a legit reason to point people to the Extinct and Spoil pages in the stores. Notice how that also lets me work the image of the Spoil page on B&N into the post itself? And look, is that 4.5 stars Spoil is averaging? ;o)

Click through + eyes on = marketing.

Sylvia said...

*sits back, completely chastised*

That was such a perfect plan until I showed up.

Phoenix Sullivan said...

Actually, it fit in perfectly as a general teaching moment, which is, I think, more or less the theme of my blog.

And it taught me that I could have been a better mentor by spelling out at the end of the post just what I was doing to remind others that marketing needs to be top of mind and that there are creative ways to market (whether they wind up working or not!). So thank you. You've given me something I can maybe elaborate on in another post.

Slush said...

I definitely love the Nook for PC option and it has me buying books at an insane rate.

Plus, it disrupts work days. Lexcade is right though it does save $200 and allows you to spend the money on more books.