Friday, April 1, 2011

Housekeeping Stuff

The Zombie Apocalypse is coming and if you've written your version of how it should play out, then check out this blog accepting submissions and paying a cool $5 Canadian for each published story.

Friend of the blog Whirlochre is celebrating his third bloggiversary. Take the quiz and win gravy. Don't worry if you can't figure out all the April Fool's shenanigans over there because, um, there aren't any. Shenanigans, that is. That's just Whirl, 24/7.

Would you like to guest blog here? For those days we don't have queries to crit, I'll be happy to post out the occasional guest post related to your experiences in self-pubbing or the pre-pubbed process. There are plenty of good posts around "how to write" specifics, such as Michelle's posts on deep POV, so I'd rather not go that direction. I'd rather have guests talk about how they deal with rejection, criticism, revision, the agent search; why they've self-pubbed, how successful/unsuccessful they've been, what works/doesn't work for promotion; and the general angst and joy in this whole writing biz.

Send your post to phoenixsullivan (at) yahoo (dot) com.

We have another query crit on Monday, then it's back to an empty queue. Send more queries. Tell your friends.


fairyhedgehog said...

I haven't anything useful to say, but I wanted to wish you a happy weekend!

Phoenix said...

How is that not useful, FHH? Wishing you likewise! Maybe some peaceful time in the woods?

Michelle Massaro said...

I thought I commented already but I guess I got distracted yesterday. lol. Thank you so much for the shout-out. =) Love it! Glad to see so much going well for you! =)

Jayne said...

Thanks for putting up the zombie link, Phoenix.

And may I just add that this zombie story thing is not an April Fools joke? I konw the guy and he's good for the five bucks :-) Not so picky on brilliant writing but he really would like more stories - essentially fanfic - in a WWZ-like setting.