Sunday, April 10, 2011

Blog Anniversary Party Tomorrow - And You're Invited!

So, Amazon headaches aside for a bit, I've come to the first anniversary of my little blog. And I want to say THANK YOU for stopping by!

Tomorrow (Monday), we'll have contests for:

* a $20 gift certificate
* a $10 gift certificate
* a crit of your first 10 manuscript pages
* a couple of books or three
   (I wonder which ones they could be?!)

Y'all have worked hard over the past year writing queries and synopses and critiquing others' work, so the contests will be of the simple "leave a comment then tweet/like for bonus entries" type. Just come, relax and have fun.

There'll be a couple of new word puzzles to while away the time, too.

Meanwhile, I saw my first hummingbird of the season on Friday, as well as the first snake. Lucky you -- I missed the hummer but did snap some shots of the snake. I believe it's a juvenile rat snake, about 3.5 feet (1 meter-ish) long. It had curled up in one of the duck nests in the backyard while the ducks were off swimming in the pond. Loki alerted me to it with his barking. It was pretty docile, leaving the nest and yard with just a little encouragement. It seemed to know what the fence meant. It stopped right on the other side and let me snap several shots of it through the wire before it got too dark for me to see.

I could probably come up with a good snake-in-the-grass metaphor, but I'll just leave you to imagine your own...

Duck Nests


lexcade said...

Happy anniversary, Phoenix! The party sounds fun :)

I love the pics (even the ones of the snake). You have a really good eye.

vkw said...

In my little corner of the world, I saw my first spring flower . . . .

I love hummingbirds but I don't care much for the snake. Do you think the snake was after the duck eggs? or maybe the ducklings?

fairyhedgehog said...

I'll be there tomorrow!

AA said...

Yes, vkw, the snake was after the duck eggs. I'm glad Phoenix ran him off before he got any.

I do love the horsies! But I would like to see newly hatched baby duck pics. That will be- any time now, right? :)

I caught a baby garter snake last summer. It curled up in the warm den I made with my two hands. I think it went to sleep. It's hard to tell because they don't have eyelids.

Phoenix said...

@lexcade: Thanks! But the eye is more luck and a good picture-cropping tool ;o)

@FHH: I'll be looking for you!

@vkw and AA: AA is right in that the snake wanted the eggs. However, I'm not letting the ducks set the eggs because I'm not set up for more ducks right now. The ducks stay out in a pasture with a pond during the day, then come into the backyard where it's safe(r) at night and then lay their eggs in the early morning hours. Keeping the nests keep the ducks happy, but really, the eggs won't hatch.

In fact, the dogs will bring an egg or two into the house every now and again and hide them -- in the bookcase, under their dog beds, etc -- so in the spring it's a 24/7 egg hunt around here.

Aww, sounds like the wee snake was happy to be held, AA. It's always good to hear others don't immediately think all snakes are harmful and simply kill them. :o(

vkw, where's your corner? I'm in North Texas and we've had our flush of daffodils and bluebonnets, which is gone now. The iris just started blooming last week.

Slush said...

You bet your best horse and carriage my behind will be here on the morrow!

That snake in the grass could definitely to some damage to the soil. Okay, bad joke I know.

Whirlochre said...

I'm a-hum with excitement.

You could work wonders with a trained hummingbird. Great for clearing away cobwebs or polishing brass.

AA said...

Snakeling was probably thrilled, considering warmth is hard to come by in early summer in the Rocky Mountains. There was still snow in patches in the shade. And snakes are cold-blooded, but the babies can't sunbathe without becoming targets for predators. Hawks will eat snakes. So will foxes, water birds, and even larger snakes.

I don't think people really stop to consider things from a snake's POV.

Spring comes late here. Around this time I always start to think flowers are a figment of my imagination. "Flou-er? Vhat eez zhees, flou-er?"

I actually had to go to a lower altitude to find a snake at all. They can't live here.

Word ver.: potions. Really.