Thursday, March 10, 2011

This And That

There's a query in the queue for tomorrow, but next week is wide open.

I'll try to do a farm update over the weekend -- with pictures.

Today, I'm:

  • Finishing up edits on EXTINCT and working on the ebook formatting.
  • Looking for more promo opportunities.
  • Prepping SPOIL OF WAR to take public later on.
  • Waiting on responses to SECTOR C.
  • Doing final research on a new WIP and writing at least 1000 words.
  • Planting radishes and cilantro.
What's on YOUR agenda?

Oh, and a big thank you to Kay Elam for having me as a guest blogger yesterday. She recycled a recent post here and I'm honored she thought it had merit enough to deserve a wider circulation!


Michelle4Laughs said...

Hey Phoenix,

If you have time I'd like to hear your opinion on critique groups during your open week. Do you use them yourself or do you rely only on friends and family? Where's a good place to find readers and get quality feedback? Would you consider starting a group of your own? Recently I read on an agent's blog that belonging to a group can be part of your writer's bio.


Oh, and I also look forward to farm pictures. Today my agenda is stalling from working on a new chapter of Kindar's Cure by reading blogs instead. You were my first pick.

fairyhedgehog said...

You sound incredibly busy!

I'm exhausted after several drives into town to sort out things to do with my son's wedding on Sunday. It's very exciting and I can hardly believe we're nearly there.

Matt said...

Congratulations on your son's wedding, Fairyhedgehog!

Hey Phoenix, why the title change from Cameliard Rising to Spoil of War?

My personal agenda? For the rest of the night I'll be doing research, writing and editing for Jang Nok Su. And I'll do some exercises from my Korean language book.

Sylvia said...

I feel tired just reading your list of things to do.

And although I like farm pictures too, I think Michelle's questions are great.

(My wordver is funibio. This is about the cistern again, isn't it)

Wilkins MacQueen said...

I am in desparate need of a crit. group.
Divine Miss P, if you start one (I don't see how to you can with your full plate)or if you act as Mother Theresa once a month on one, I'm so in.
Heartiest, I am sure it will be a wonderful wedding.
And you study language?
Sylvia: If you have advice on forming/joning a crit group I'd love to hear it.
I love reading your comments. You make the point beautifully every time.

fairyhedgehog said...

Thanks, Matt and Wilkins!

Phoenix said...

@M4L: Cool! Happy to do a post on crit groups. And blog reading is ALWAYS a good stall tactic ;o) Come to think of it, I believe I came up short on my writing goal yesterday myself. *sigh*

@FHH: You'll now need a new name for your almost D-i-L, won't you? Happy times!!!

@Matt: Thanks for picking up on the title change. Actually, being a cross-genre book, I've played with sending it out in the world with BOTH titles. Spoil of War to market to the romance crowd and Cameliard Rising to market to the women's historical fiction audience. Since a romance author blurbed it, I decided to work the romance angle with it first and see how that flies. Later, I might still put it out under a new cover and title. The grand thing about e-pubbing is how it makes all that possible quite easily. (Of course, I will be very open about the old title if I put it out under a new one. Drat that honest streak of mine!)

Ooh, Jang Nok Su -- I bet she'll prove to be a great hook here in the States. There seems to be a gathering interest in Korean history here.

@Sylvia: You set yourself up for those easy jokes, you know.

@Mac: I'm already in a very fabulous crit group of equally busy folk, which is good because we're more ad hoc rather than scheduled. It's a bit more free-form, but it works for us :o)

Kay Elam said...

I loved featuring you on my blog Wednesday. Thanks again for sharing your writing with my readers.

Re writers' groups -- I found mine online and it has worked well. We have 8 people. We divided into 2 groups of 4 and post every other week. So 4 post up to 15 pages a week and everyone reads so we could have as many as 60 pages to read per week, but usually don't.

We are cross genre which I wasn't sure I'd like, but it has been fun. It's been cool how quickly we've bonded and learned each others' personalities.

Looking forward to the farm pictures, Phoenix.


Michelle4Laughs said...

@Wilkins MacQueen and anyone else:

You can find me on under Michelle4Laughs. I've found a few very helpful readers there and we do chapter exchanges. It's a nice site to post work although most of the current people are young writers.

Wilkins MacQueen said...

Thanks for the info.

I'll look you up. Thanks,