Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dual Launch Party Today!

Win Prizes  ~  Play Games  ~  Mingle With Friends

Today we're celebrating the launches of the Extinct Doesn't Mean Forever e-anthology AND the Evil Editor Teaches School trade paperback.

Why together? Well, because I'm the editor of Extinct (meaning 19 other terribly talented writers provided the actual content) and I contributed a couple of flash-y pieces to School (I'm the third green fish behind the first teal fish on the cover) and both books came out about the same time. Plus, it seemed like a fun thing to do (until, you know, I actually started putting the party blog together in the middle of the night).

Mainly, though, it was because Evil Editor was kind enough to agree to play along. Don't tell him I let on that he's really a pretty good guy outside of that evil persona of his.

The festivities are here.

Come win some books, test your word-finder and puzzle-putting-together skills, and make some new friends. Invite your old friends over too, if you like.

And to those of you who do take time out of your busy day to drop by: THANK YOU. I am truly -- truly -- humbled by your support.

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