Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Extinct Update and Empty Query Queue

 12 days and counting to submission deadline!

I'm holding 38 stories right now. I recently replied to "anonymous" in the comments on the submissions page when they asked if I'd be offering feedback:


I've already explained to a few folk why their stories were being rejected. I'm hoping a percentage of them will revise and resubmit or submit something new.

With the exception of a couple that were really quite well-written but just "off" from being a fully realized and satisfying story, there are some main issues I'm seeing for those I've returned.

1) The writing just isn't polished enough. I'm happy to edit but not rewrite.

2) The story doesn't quite hang together. Either not enough set-up or, even more frequently, the ending is rushed.

3) A couple have had plot contrivances that over-strained credibility.

A handful of submissions have had a mix of these problems.

But even for those stories that I'm holding till the final cut, I'll let people know why theirs didn't make it. Caveated by that refrain I know we're all tired of hearing: In my subjective opinion.

Thank you to everyone who's already submitted -- and if you haven't yet, why not?

And yeah, more queries needed for evisceration the queue!


Sylvia said...

Have something complete before the very last minute? You must have me confused with someone else. ;)

Wilkins MacQueen said...

Hey Divine Miss Phoenix,
Thanks for the chance, for the comments on the submissions you've received, and a few of the problems with the stories.
This has to be a tough job. And you retired for this? Ha! Dirty job but someone stepped up to the plate. My hero.

Slush said...

Love to hear the update. I am still working on mine... trying to make sure it doesn't fall into the 3 categories you mentioned.

By the way, whether you take my story or not, I think that just having the opportunity to submit to this is awesome.

vkw said...

I am still working on mine. I was derailed by writing query letters.

I'm going to get you something.

Phoenix said...

Y'all are WAYYY too funny ;o)

vkw said...

there is nothing funny about being derailed by queries.

I'm just not feeling the love from you Phoenix.

McKoala said...

Have something complete before the very last minute? You must have me confused with someone else. ;)

Um, yes. Me.