Sunday, January 23, 2011

Call For Success Stories

I think it's time for a little celebration, don't you?

Have you taken a query or synopsis you've workshopped here and gotten a request for a partial or a full?
Have you snagged an agent or a publisher?
Have you had a book published?

Tell us about it! No accomplishment is too small to brag about. Every success is a step up the ladder and something to be proud of.

Email me your success(es) and I'll run them in a CELEBRATION POST this Friday. You can ask me to post your success anonymously, if you'd like. Send to phoenixsullivan @ (close up the spaces, of course).

I'm looking forward to a lot of back-patting!


vkw said...

I'm almost ready to submit a short story to this anthology titled "Extinction".

One day, very soon, I'll be submitting queries for HTT.

I bet you were hoping for actual accomplishments. :)

Phoenix said...

Hey vkw, pre-success is just three letters away from post-success. Shouldn't be long now...