Friday, November 12, 2010

Empty Query Queue, So...

Gratuitous pictures of some of the beasties today!

Bonita (aka Bonnie) at 3-1/2 weeks.
Finding a small enough halter has been a challenge.
She's also shedding her baby coat (note the bare areas around her eyes). Looks like she'll be close to her mom's dark roan color once her adult coat grows in.

Bonnie meeting Loki (left) and Ginger (right).

Bonnie and her mother Bella

The goats: Lucy (left) and Rowdy (right). Lucy is Rowdy's mom.

The ducks --
who insisted on showing off how clean they are after a swim in the pond.

S E N D   Q U E R I E S!


Matthew Rush said...

Oh my god. You own all these animals?


Phoenix said...

Alas, there are 3 other other horses, another dog, 3 cats, a couple dozen chickens, 3 guineas, an iguana, 8 parakeets, and 2 finches beyond those beasties captured here.

And THEY own me. Heart, soul, paycheck, and every free minute of my day...

Erin said...

Seriously? How cool is that!

They are beautiful.

fairyhedgehog said...

So cute!

And these gorgeous pictures are supposed to encourage people to send queries how?

Matt said...

That dog -- second photo on the right -- is very similar looking to Copper, the dog I had growing up. He used to chase the horses in the field until one of them kicked him in the chops. Blood everywhere. He was fine though.

Phoenix said...

Thanks, Erin! They think they're pretty beautiful, too :o)

And these gorgeous pictures are supposed to encourage people to send queries how?

Um, FHH, I think you uncovered the wee hole in my dastardly plot.

So Matt, did Copper learn to stop chasing horses, or did massive blood loss inspire new strategies?

Matt said...

He kept chasing them, only instead of nipping at their legs he made sure to keep about a foot of distance between him and them. He was smart -- raised by the family of cats in the barn (he would even hunt like a cat, pounce on squirrels, etc.)

_*rachel*_ said...

Awwwww... I just wanna visit you sometime; the dorms are barren of animals.

Sylvia said...

Here's another vote for empty query queues if this is the result!