Sunday, October 3, 2010

Thank You -- And Send More Queries!

I really appreciate everyone's comments from yesterday's post! I certainly did not mean to chide those of you have been commenting or even to guilt any lurkers into commenting (but a happy side benefit if that happens!).

Absolutely no apologies needed from anyone who leaves occasional comments for not commenting more. You're here voluntarily, giving your time voluntarily, each within your own means. The blog is MY commitment, not yours, and I am truly, truly grateful that anyone is coming by to chime in to help others. You're all angels -- there are so many other virtual places you could be and I don't forget that for one minute.

For anyone thinking about commenting for the first time, everyone here is incredibly kind. There aren't any snarky attacks on other people's opinions and everyone honors the fact that there will be differing opinions at times. And that's a good thing.

I've said before the only qualification you need to be a good critiquer here is that you're a reader. And you can choose the areas you're comfortable in. Grammar not your thing? Then don't worry about trying to point out grammatical mistakes. Not clear what the conventions for romance or cozies or science fiction are? Then wait for the next query in line. (And, ahem, could use some more queries, folks! The well is dry.) But I'm seeing that so many of you who claim to not have much to say usually have superb insights to offer.

I mainly want to be sure that what we're doing here is worthwhile.

Consensus is September is a slow month everywhere (EE seems to be low on queries and openings right now, too). So let's continue on the way we've been going for another few weeks. What I'll try to do more is if I'm not certain about how something should read or how best to rephrase it, I'll call it out so you have more of a focus and can put your limited time to best use. And, of course, always, always feel free to comment beyond that. Later, if we want to mix it up, I'll try putting the queries up all naked and alone and let you all have a go at them first.

I'll also refrain from put links to previous versions of queries that have already appeared here, although I'll mention it's another version so you don't go crazy thinking you've seen something similar somewhere before. I will continue to link back over to the original version on EE's site when he tosses one this way.

By the way, in case you're wondering, I am as clueless about EE's secret identity as the rest of you. I see him kind of like Charlie in Charlie's Angels. Ooh, I could pretend to be Cameron Diaz or Farrah Fawcett... (But first must go drop 20 pounds and 20 years. And go blonde.)


Kay said...

I'm ready to (gulp) send my query AND my synopsis, if you're still taking them. I have one question--HOW do I send them to you? I'm feeling a bit dumb here :-)

Phoenix said...

Yay, Kay! Don't feel dumb. Just email them to me:

You can embed them in the email or send as an attachment. I don't mind attachments if I know who's sending them.

Whirlochre said...


You're wrong! You're wrong! You're wrong!

Say he's the fat man with the glasses!

I just know it!

Matt said...

Hey Phoenix, Nathan Bransford is taking guest bloggers right now. You should try it. It'll be great exposure.

Phoenix said...

Thanks, Matt! You and I are thinking alike! I actually submitted an old post about from the blog about rejection last evening. He has 49 submissions already this morning and another day to go. Keeping fingers crossed, though.