Saturday, October 16, 2010

Meet the Newest Arrival to Rainbow's End Farm

This little filly was born Friday morning. Right now she's a mousy gray with gray-blue eyes on her way to being who knows what color once she sheds her baby fur. It was a clockwork birth and the as-yet-unnamed little girl and her mama are doing great. Bella, the mare, is half Miniature and half Shetland Pony, and is pony-sized. The baby is sooo tiny compared to her. But she's tough and sturdy and already trotting around like a pro. I kept close watch on them all day yesterday and I never saw the baby lie down; in fact, I caught her drowsing on her feet a couple of times. Talk about growing up fast!

Unfortunately, this was an unplanned pregnancy and what happens when you wait too long to geld young studs. Gelding will be soon on the agenda while the weather is still nice.

This is the filly at a little over an hour old.

First breakfast!

Talking with Mom and looking a lot like a stuffed toy.

Sharing the sun and doing her baby donkey impression.
What she lacks in elegance she makes up for in adorability.

Wondering about her place in the world.

A close up of her blue eyes. They'll likely change to brown, but her brown-eyed mother
came from a breeder who specifically bred for blue.

Ricky, the likely daddy, very curious and concerned about what's going on with his girlfriend in the pasture across the driveway. He's been whinnying. A lot.


Robin S. said...

Wonderful pictures! For some reason, I want to cry.

Kay said...

Precious. Thanks for a Saturday smile.

Wilkins MacQueen said...

She is wonderful AND she looks like a "Curly". I bred Curlies and she sure has the look.

Matt said...

Hmm, I wonder what Ricky is saying...

"I didn't touch her -- I swear!"

McKoala said...

Pretty baby!

Sylvia said...


Phoenix said...

Thanks everyone *beaming*

Mac: She might well be a curly. She has tons of curl still along her back and on her flanks. I didn't see the parents of either the filly's mare or sire, so I don't know what they looked like. The mare doesn't have any curly trait except maybe a short mane that refuses to grow out. And the likely sire has an extra thick thatch of hair down his back. But if it's a pure recessive gene, they wouldn't necessarily show anything any way. I can't wait to see if her coat, mane and tail hold their curls or not.

fairyhedgehog said...

So adorable!

AA said...