Monday, October 18, 2010

Cozy on Up

Kay Elam, whose query and synopsis for Murder on Music Row recently appeared here, has a guest post up at Nathan Bransford's blog about cozy mysteries. Don't know what they are? She'll fill you right in!

Meanwhile, still waiting for more queries here. *drumming on table*


Kay Elam said...

Hi Phoenix. Thanks for the shout-out. You continue to amaze me :-)

Matt said...

Solid post, Kay.

So Phoenix, what did you name the baby horse?

Phoenix said...

@Kay: Me? You're the one who made Nathan's cut, not me. *mutter*

@Matt: I think I have a name, but I opened it up as a contest at work. The contest doesn't close till noon tomorrow (oops, it's 2:00 AM now - make that noon today!), so I can't reveal the name before then. Shhhhh.