Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Contest Prize and a Sneak Peak at a Surprise for You

I've been neglectful, forgetting to promote myself on my own blog! (I plead sheer disbelief.) Not long ago, I won a contest hosted by the lovely Janet Reid for a 100-word flashy piece. Now I am looking forward to reading my fabulous prize: Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers!

I also want to thank everyone who's dropped by from Janet's blog -- nice to see you lurking! -- and invite you to come by tomorrow (Thursday) for a very writerly surprise that involves you, your keyboard and lots of beautiful words.


Wilkins MacQueen said...

Congrats on the win! I wanted you know I am finally up blogging. I call it Elephants Thailand and China.
http://elephantsthailandchina I THINK is the url. I started a couple of days ago and can not find it on the internet. I can access it through "create a blog". So I don't know if it is really on the net or not. I'm Wilkins MacQueen on it. I put on some elephant photos - with me aboard. I read somewhere it can time for the blog to actually appear. I have no idea but I've faced the smelly green bloggyman and lived. Now if I can somehow find it. Sorry to bust in on your blog like this but thought you'd like to know I am TRYING to get going. Heartiest again on the piece being selected. So very cool. Best, Bibii

Phoenix said...

No worries about barging in, Bibi -- sometimes it's the only way to announce yourself.;o)

Your blog looks great. I really like the bookcase wallpaper. I left a comment for you there and am now following you.

The url is ALMOST right, but it has an extra space in it between the "a" and the dot that's screwing things up. Just delete out that space and the link works fine.

or try this link

You may need to do it on your profile page, too. Only there, it looks like you have a space before the dot AND and extra space at the beginning between the slash and the "e".

SO glad you starting blogging -- and I'm looking forward to learning more about Thailand!

Wilkins MacQueen said...

Divine Miss P,
May a thousand blessings find their way to your doorstep. Thanks for your help so much.

Michelle Massaro said...

Congratulations on the win, Phoenix! =)