Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Holiday

It's a holiday weekend here in the States, and I'm actually taking this next week off work as well. While some of my blog buddies have gone rock climbing, snorkeling, bar-hopping in foreign lands, whale-watching, and meeting up with virtual friends on their vacations, I'll be focused on mowing, making general repairs, mowing, cleaning, tilling, organizing and, well, mowing.

Today I thought I'd clean out the camera and share a few fun photos.

This is a frog. Resting comfortably in the crook of a column. Six feet up. Next to a hummingbird feeder. No, I do not know how it got there. Or how it got down.

Vultures are numerous around here, but they do tend to roost away from the house. Which is a good thing because the dogs go nuts when one of these birds is around. I don't know why vultures alone of all birds provoke that kind of reaction in the dogs, but on the occasions one of these birds has settled on the antenna or, as in these pictures, the electric pole, the dogs will bark their heads off at the bird until it flies away. Not that the dogs' frenzied barking or my taking pictures ruffled even a feather of this sleepy fellow.

And, since I've named my little farm Rainbow's End, an obligatory shot of its namesake. (Actually two shots, spliced together.) A perfect arch a few days ago right from my front porch.

Is it any wonder I don't feel the need to actually go anywhere else on holiday?


Sarah Laurenson said...

Not going anywhere else either, but I don't have the beautiful pictures to show why I'd stay here.

Love the land and the beauties who live there.

fairyhedgehog said...

Lovely photos, especially the rainbow! I hope you enjoy pottering and mowing!

Michelle Massaro said...

Love the frog! =)

Anonymous said...

My happiest days were holiday weekends when I could spend a whole day with my critters. Saturday jumping lessons, chore day wash etc. Sunday, church, cooking, getting lunches ready for the next week (I froze a lot of sandwiches). That one free day - pure bliss. Barbeque with my Mini Donkey supervising, my dear Dobie Spock hoping to grab a steak off the grill - the Min Pins looking for crumbs. The little Bichon, sweet Sugar, walking around in circles, she was prone to seizures so we didn't interrupt her figures. Yes, she got steak too.
Not much because she also had a delicate tummy, lamb and rice, but the odd bit of beef made her happy. Those were the days my friends.
Thanks Phoenix, love your farm posts and photos.
re: Vultures - do they maybe smell of BLOOD? I never saw vultures in Alberta. This is so cool.

And that isn't a cane toad in drag is it?


Phoenix said...

@Sarah: Sometimes it's the people we stay for, eh?

Thank you, FHH!

@Michelle: I'm still trying to figure out that frog...

Oh, Bibi: What a grand crew you had! It's the memories that keep life sweet, isn't it? That, and the new adventures we make for ourselves everyday. I know your beasties must have loved holidays with their mum as much as you did.

Karen said...

What great pictures! Wish I had such a beautiful view at my house!! (Of the rainbow, not so much the vultures...)

Whirlochre said...

I'm guessing the frog made it using a pogo stick.

Question is — which critter ran off with it?

Anonymous said...

Yes, my Dear Miss Phoenix, keeps life sweet. I've got the best stories - like how my mini donkey would WALK up 6 steps to see me snoozing on the couch as he stood by patienty til I woke up. We had a wrap around deck I swear he'd decide I'd dozed enough (I'd been up since 5 and ridden as many horses before noon)and start tapping his little hoof on the deck. Mommy come play with me. My Spock would woof, get me up then snacks and treats for the gang. I'd sit on a lawn chair with my 20 horses around me, tossing out alphafa cubes as they would nuzzle and snuffle for more. Then ride my lovely Scoria, a grand stallion around my 80 acres. He was a horse from Cody Wyoming I turned into a DRESSAGE boy. You could pack him, ride him, shoot off him and he never twitched. Solid as a rock. After I had my trainer work on him- funny story. Once I get my blog up and going I'll take a hilarious trip down memory lane with you all. Can you imagine a dressage horse who could gallop in hobbles?