Monday, August 30, 2010

Queue Update

This week's schedule:
Tues - Query: Genevieve: Return to Aefre
Wed - Query: Zulaire
Thurs - Synopsis #3: Garlic

We have two three more synopses in the queue after that. So ...
2 Sep - Heartsouls
9 Sep - The Miranda Contract
16 Sep - The Goddess Candidate

If you want your synopsis in the crit queue, please review the guidelines here. We'll do synopses again, but once September is over, we'll all need a little break. Especially as it seems we have the same wonderful, masochistic people participating in the comments. Don't want to burn them out too soon!


T. Anne said...

Sounds like a great learning experience. I'd love to hang around and watch.

Anonymous said...

T. Anne,
Bet I'm not the only one who'd love it if you participated. As a commenter or synopsis participant.

Anonymous said...

And of course query writer. Bibi

Phoenix said...

Welcome, T.Anne! It won't have quite the guilty allure of watching a train wreck, but maybe it'll be close ;o)