Thursday, August 5, 2010

Call For Synopses

September is Synopsis Month!

We hates writing them. We hates reading them. We hates critiquing them. They are evil, evil, evil.

But. They are a necessary evil.

Do YOU have a synopsis you'd like critted? Let's take a month and get all that evil out of our systems at once, shall we?

I'll do a detailed critique of the first 8 synopses that are emailed to me at phoenixsullivan @ (remove the spaces, of course). You may start sending them at any time.

Here are the guidelines to follow, please:

  • 1000 words or less (firm). Seems most agents ask for a 1-2 page synopsis, if single-spaced or 3-5 pages double-spaced. The sweet spot is 500-800 words. Your goal is to send a fabulous synopsis in that word range. My goal, if you take every word of the allowable 1000, is to help you pare it down. Or to cheer you if you come in under 500 words.
  • Yes, they'll be posted publicly.
  • I will post them in the order they are received every 3 or 4 days throughout September. The limit is to keep us all sane. As soon as I receive 8, I'll post to let you know we hit the quota (or by August 31, whichever comes first) and give you the order they'll appear.
  • I will keep you anonymous on the blog, if you want. Just let me know.
  • I will email you a couple of days before your synopsis goes up to warn you.
  • MOST IMPORTANT: If you have a synopsis being critted, you agree to offer thoughtful comments on at least one other synopsis during the month. Scout's Honor.
If you don't submit a synopsis and you come by to comment, you will have our (that's my and the synopsizers') undying gratitude.

And, of course, we (that's me and the commenters) are all secretly hoping that there won't be anywhere near 8 synopses submitted. Because, as mentioned earlier, we all hates reading them and critting them. Yet, it must be done.

I'll still post out any query revisions that come in, too.


LSimon said...

Its a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it! Thanks!

Michelle Massaro said...

Had to cut about 300 words to make the limit- whew! I'm exhausted!

Sarah Laurenson said...

Cutting, cutting. Now? No. Cutting, cutting. Over 370 words, but it's under 1000 now. And more up to date.

Thanks for doing this one!

Phoenix said...

Ha! Sounds like 1300-1400 words is where we'd all LIKE the sweet spot to be :o)

Three spots taken!

Anonymous said...

Dear Divine Miss Phoenix,
Are there guidelines we should follow for a synopsis? Query seem to follow a 3 paragraph rule with pub credits, word count and genre in the last one.
Is there a simple outline or format that is standard in the industry we should follow?
Thanks, Bibi