Monday, May 24, 2010

Beep! Beep!

There's a lovely roadrunner pair that hangs around the property at times. The male is on the left -- the one with the crest on his head. A couple of years ago they brought a little one with them when they came visiting, so I'm hoping for another baby soon. And may I just point out I took this picture while sitting at my desk?

While we're on the subject of the view out the window while I'm working, here's another for your vicarious enjoyment. This is part of my free-ranging flock: 2 bantam roosters and 4 standard hens are in this shot.

What's the view from YOUR desk like?


fairyhedgehog said...

I have a lovely view of our car and the houses opposite. It's nicer than that sounds because of a lot of greenery but your view is immeasurably superior!

Those are wonderful photos.

_*rachel*_ said...

Depends. I usually sit on my bed with my laptop, because it's the best place for privacy. That means the view is cluttered, because both I and whoever I'm rooming with always seem to be messy. In the dorm, I have a decent view of a scraggly tree. At home, bookshelves, trees, and fields.

Matthew said...

To the west I see the river and the forest, to the east there's a patch of cherry blossoms, and far to the north I can see the capitol building on a clear day.

Whirlochre said...

Currently, the swing of my neighbour's man boobs as he mows his lawn in the sun.

It's hypnotic, like being lulled into a Nirvana of over 60s cellulite.

Plus, Mr & Mrs Throw Junk In The Yard have thrown more junk in the yard.

Some days, I wish for a huge fissure to open up and camels to bound forth, each one piled high with ludicrous cartoon Mexicans.

What a battle to the death for the fabric of reality that would be: camels and Meicans vs the swinging man boobs of the surly.

If I find a ring of wishes, I'll let you know how it all turns out.

Robin S. said...

Love your view, Phoenix. I normally write in the sitting area of our bedroom, on a small sofa. We have floor to ceiling windows on one side, and the view is of our back yard that joins up with parkland. It tooks like I'm in the middle of the country, when I'm actually 8 miles or so from DC, in Virginia. I like thinking about this being a green oasis in the middle of a concrete world. It makes the green even greener. Summers I sit on my deck, surrounded by wisteria growing over the deck, and a cherry tree peeking over, and ivy up the walls of the deck walls. (Yeah. I like green.) Winters, though, it's not so nice.

writtenwyrdd said...

I wish I could have chickens. They are cool critters. but my lot is too small. They'd end up roadkill!

I have no view from my desk except a wall. It is helpful so that I don't have a (greater) tendency to stare out the window, daydreaming.

Bernita said...

We had bantams when I was a kid. Male tail feather make great Indian headdresses.

View? A wall, nicely wall-papered, mind you,a Matisse-style paper. Hanging on it are a tribal mask and a barong and a very bad, yard-sale-acquired still life.
I really have to re-do my office.

Phoenix said...

FH: Being able to keep tabs on the comings and goings in the neighborhood often makes for great gossip ;o)

Rachel: Enjoy the freedom now to be messy!

Matthew: That sounds inspirational. Are you in the DC area? I seem to know an inordinate number of people who live in the region considering I'm in Texas.

Whirly: Sounds like investing in a pair of shutters for the window wouldn't be a bad idea.

Rob: I hope when you do wind up moving that you find an equally spendid spot in your new home.

WW: A wall can be a great tabula rasa for creativity.

Bernita: Funny how those comfort items tend to stay with us. And from you, I would expect no less than Matisse to adorn your wall.

sylvia said...

You and McK are clearly in cahoots!

When my son was 12, we went to New Mexico with my (English) boyfriend to visit my mother. I kept pointing out roadrunners but they were too slow to look and kept missing them. I noticed them both rolling their eyes,as if I was making it up.

Finally day 3, I found one in a garden and was able to get them to pay attention and see it. They were both stunned... turned out they thought it was just a cartoon character and I was being silly! Neither had realised it was a real bird.

I'm not sure what they think about coyotes.

Annnyway, as I told McK - I have a great view from my desk and I purposefully block it out. :)

Phoenix said...

Blocking the view would likely increase my productivity :o) but the view is my first line of defense against coyotes, stray dogs and hawks. Keeping tabs on their comings and goings is life or death at times when my dogs fall asleep on the job.

I imagine your view is pretty amazing, Sylvia!

Stephen Prosapio said...

oh you guys would hate me forever if I told you...okay okay. Not like you've liked me that much anyway.

If I lean slightly to the right while sitting at my desk, I've got a great view of the Pacific ocean from about 100 yards away.

Phoenix said...

Yeah, yeah, Stephen - but it's that view of the abbatoir you have when you lean slightly to the left you forgot to mention...

OK. Yes. We hate you.

Anonymous said...

Oh lovely views! The view when I write in my bedroom is mostly the exterior of another part of my house (the house has a strange footprint). Sometimes there are squirrels or little birds on the bit of roof I can see there. When I write in the living room, I can see trees. With more squirrels and small birds.

If I want a view of chickens, I have to get up and look out the kitchen window.

Great post!