Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy 4th BlogEEversary, EE!

Wow. Just wow. Four years. I've critiqued four queries now and I'm exhausted.

So, in honor of your fabulous 4th, I salute you -- 4 times.

Salute 1: To your stamina. Because 4 years of catering to the needy masses really has to take it out of you.

Salute 2: To the community you've built through your blog. We hang with you because yours is the cool kid's house -- the one where we can push the boundaries, turn up the music and wolf down junk food. Where tough love reigns, and when we get smacked around -- which we do, a lot -- we know it's for our own good.

Salute 3: To the laughs you provide. Let's just say I hope you have insurance because the minions have been saving all their receipts for ruined monitors, keyboards, and office reputations. There's 4 years worth piled up now and at last count the abacus puts the total loss at $934,441.24 (USD).

Salute 4: To the success you help foster. From the small success of an agent's request for a partial to the ultimate success of being published in Novel Deviations, we look to you to provide the foundation upon which hope is built.

Thanks for caring enough to stick it out for 4 long years. Here's to you being able to tough it out 1 more!


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ril said...

Well said and seconded. Couldn't agree more!

fairyhedgehog said...



sylvia said...


Robin S. said...

Fifthed! Beautifully done!

Evil Editor said...

Thanks pard. And thanks for spending several hours a week working on queries to save me a few minutes of posting and ignoring revisions.

laughingwolf said...

evil editor is still here? :O lol


Anonymous said...

Sixthed. (Is that a number?) I started to live again when I found EE. The laughs, mentoring, the whips and the licks. 4 years? Total respect. I loved writing his eulogy. From strife riddled paradise. Don't come folks. Not safe. Bibi

Stephen Prosapio said...

Call for vote by acclamation! EE is the best!

Chris Eldin said...

Thanks for hosting, Phoenix!! It was so much fun hanging out with the gang!!

LOL @ EE and the comment about people not incorporating his revisions. There should be a punishment over here for that. It's quite funny, actually, that the queriers run from the stern "dad" figure and seek solace over here, with the kindler and gentler "mom" figure.

I say, enough is enough. Public spankings are in order.

Okay, back to the party. Phoenix, it was a lot of fun!! Thanks for getting mutton chops to come out and play!!

Bernita said...

We were lost and lonely, and EE took us in.

BTW, add to the bill the laundry cost for underwear...