Tuesday, April 13, 2010

And The Winner Is...

Wayne Pollard, who writes the very funny Bo’s Café Life strip, which is full of observational humor about everything from the coffee klatch set to the writing life, held a contest last week – and guess who won?

Great, you're thinking, right? Except…

The winner was the one who'd garnered the most rejections for their writing in the first quarter of the year.

In case any potential agents stumble across this post, I will immediately caveat this with the fact the same work getting rejections has also gotten several requests: right now, the partial is out with two agents and the full is under consideration by three.

I started querying Sector C in March, and the contest counted rejections received Jan 1 – March 31. During March, I received 12 for Sector C plus one from Carina Press for Cameliard Rising after it had been read by three acquiring editors.

This, and earlier conversations with my critique group, has gotten me thinking about the strategy of querying - musket shot vs. machine gun. A post I'll save for the first Writerly Wednesday.

So what was the prize? I'm glad you asked. Here's the description right from Wayne's contest info:

The writer with the MOST rejection letters will get a FREE one-page evaluation of the first TEN pages of a fiction or nonfiction manuscript OR a FREE one-page evaluation of a short story (not to exceed ten pages) provided by freelance editor MELANIE RIGNEY, former Editor of Writer’s Digest magazine and former Editorial Director of Writer’s Digest Books.
Yay me! Off now to decide which manuscript pages to submit…


Chris Eldin said...

Congrats!! I love it over there at the cafe!!

_*rachel*_ said...

Congrats! I only got 5, and they were all for short stories.

I hope your critique goes well.

fairyhedgehog said...

Congratulations! At least you're getting lots of requests along with the rejections.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Pheonix,
Heartiest for getting the Pheonix blog show on the road. Great to read about your hopes, dreams and critters. I confess to owning 22 horses at one point, a mini doneky, five dogs that included two wonderful Dobies, and two cats. I look forward to more and your insight/experience on the query process. I'll quote Hemingway here - an interviewer asked him what problems he encountered after H. told him he wrote the last sentance 39 times to one novel. H's reply was "Getting the words right."
I would love to read one of his query letters. I'll let you know if I find one on the info highway.
Great to see you up and running

150 said...

Heh. I wish I'd heard about this; I have 21 short-story rejections already this year. :)

Phoenix said...

At least you're putting yourself out there, Rachel. That's the first step. Obviously you still have a ways to go to catch up with 150.

Hi Bibi! I may need to ask you questions on the horse front! And I love the H quote.

Hey 150 -- it's all about luck and timing ;o)

Anonymous said...

There is nothing I love more than talking/discussing horses. Happy to offer any experience/advice/stupid things I've done in my other life. I took up competitive jumping at 42. How's that for dumb?
Horses have a mystical healing power you can see if you volunteer for a remedial/handicapped program. I miss them very much. My mini horses was whimsical and charming. He used to come into the basement (a walk out) and would stand beside me as I lay on the couch watching tv. I raised a set of twins, bought a crazy horse one, you know how it is. Bibi