Tuesday, November 24, 2015

NEW! Christmas Novella

ANGEL HEART (An Arthurian Hearts Novella) 

Sexy paranormal romance set in the world of
King Arthur! 

Special standalone Holiday Novella

 Note: The ARTHURIAN HEARTS books do have elements of ménage (MFM or MMF, as well as M/F and M/M). If you're not comfortable with multiple-partner sex, then these books probably won't be ones you'll enjoy.

http://smarturl.it/angelhrtCHRISTMAS IS A TIME OF MIRACLES...

It's been six months since Sir Rousel was killed in battle, leaving behind his betrothed, the heartsick Lady Branwyn, and his grieving shieldmate, Sir Owain, who was also his secret bedmate. For Branwyn and Owain, Christmas in Camelot means painful memories, shattered dreams, and a fateful decision at Chancery Leap.

Damian is a stag shifter, a forest prince who's just discovered he's the last of his kind. With a life of unimagined loneliness ahead of him, one of the fae of Avalon grants him a precious gift: If he can find a true mate before Twelfth Night, he can remain a man forever. Otherwise, he'll live as a stag—blessed without memories or sorrow, but also cursed without purpose or hope.

For the three of them to find salvation, it will take the ultimate in courage, forgiveness and trust. And to find it together? That will take a Christmas miracle.


All 3 ARTHURIAN HEARTS books are now collected into a single, value-priced box set.